3 1/2 months since accident.

by Tiffany

I was rear ended at about 50mph at a red light by a drunk driver. My truck was totaled. I had bad pain in my back and neck for several days after and even missed work. The pain seemed to go away and I thought everything was fine. Within the last month I have been getting pain in the side of my neck and I feel like I need to pop/crack my neck. It causes me to be so tense I end up with headaches. I have been hesitant to see a chiropractor as I have a herniated disc from previous injury and was told to stay away from chiropractic work by my doctor. Is it possible I am just sleeping wrong or can symptoms show up this late after an accident???

Hi there, Michelle here...

It is not unusual at all to have pain now. When you have been injured before, say from falling down or bumping into something the pain always appeared at that moment.

We all associate the event with instant pain. So when pain comes and goes, or comes weeks after a big event it is very normal to believe that the pain is not related.

However, it is likely directly caused by your car accident. Make no mistake, you were in a very serious accident. And you need treatment.

It is a common myth that a chiropractor will somehow cause harm to a herniated disc or to a person who has back problems. But this is not true, nor is there one bit of scientific evidence to support this myth.

Chiropractic care is one of the best most important things you can do about your neck pain to heal after such a massive trauma.

You do not need your doctors approval to see a chiropractor. You can self-refer. What might make you more comfortable is to make a consultation appointment with a chiropractor and ask them questions about what kind of care they would be able to give you knowing you have a herniated disc.

Many of my clients who have herniated discs use chiropractic care as part of their treatment plans when their discs act up.

Chiropractic care can relieve pressure around the herniation, allowing the herniated disc to have more space and easing some of the pain and pressure that is caused when that area flares up. The key is to ask questions, and see what the chiropractor can do for you.

Usually in your case, they would start by taking X-rays, then going over these X-rays with you to help you understand why you are having pain, and exactly what treatment plan they feel will work best for you.

The consultation will answer your questions and help you decide if you want to move forward.

I realize it seems strange to receive a whole answer all about chiropractic care, when you have stated that chiropractic care is something your doctor doesn’t support. I am most interested in you feeling better, and getting out of pain.

For such a massive impact, the number one best thing you can do is get your neck evaluated by a specialist, and the specialist is the chiropractor.

Further, if you have not already spoken to a lawyer, I want you to do that too. With an impact of this nature, a totaled car you need a lawyer to help you get a fair settlement. Here is a link, take a moment, fill out the form, and see if a lawyer can help. Quick form to see how a lawyer can help

Best Regards, M.

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