a minor accident with whiplash

by gene
(los angeles, california )

A guy in a big Ram 4x4 pickup truck hit me from behind on the freeway. Fortunately, he wasn't going too fast, but both me and a friend got a pretty good jolt of whiplash. I checked the rear and the only apparent damage is to the bumper, mostly scratches one indentation. I got his name, phone, and his license plate number. It happened an hour ago. What should I do now?

Hi there, Michelle here…

Sorry to hear you were in an accident, glad to hear he wasn’t going to fast before the impact.

First thing to do is schedule to see your doctor. It is important to have a doctor look at you and make sure you are ok and don’t have any injuries you don’t know about.

After you are checked out with your doctor, you will call your insurance company and let them know you were hit and ask them what type of coverage you will have for medical care. Likely they will give you a claim number to give to all your doctors/therapists.

Then, if you are having pain schedule yourself with a chiropractor, who will treat your injuries.

If the accident was serious enough that you find you are injured, you will also want to have a conversation with an attorney. You can do that here: Scroll Down This Page, fill out form.

In the meantime, at home, use ice for pain, rest frequently.

I hope this gets you started, the site has a lot of information on what to do at home for pain, and covers typical symptoms you might experience after an accident. Or if you need to just use the comment form and I will receive your next question.

Best Regards, M.

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