Accident, now what?

Have been attending chiropractor for 4 months but still not feeling well. Insurance does not want to continue paying for treatment.

Hi there, Michelle here...

I don't quite have enough to go on with this paragraph. However, I will do my best to give you some ideas of how to proceed.

First of all, you and your doctor are the only people who count when it comes to determining if you are finished treating. If an insurance company is putting pressure on you to stop treatment and you know you are not well, its time to consult an attorney.

Second, you may be well served by seeing a general MD, your regular doctor. Sometimes insurance companies will take a referral from an MD more seriously than they will a chiropractor. Although this seems a bit crazy and unfair, it also is how insurance companies work. So schedule with your regular doctor and have her/him evaluate your current injuries and have her/him submit a note to your insurance company.

Third, what other treatment are you receiving? It is unusual for chiropractic care to be enough to heal, your muscles need to have treatment as well, seek out a therapeutic massage therapist to help you. Therapeutic massage can speed up the healing and help you to feel less pain, and help you hold your adjustments better.

Fourth, the type of accident you were in also has a big effect on how you are healing. If you were in a major accident, 4 months is barely a start to getting well. I have described the types of accidents people have here: What Kind Of Accident Were You In?. (go to bottom of page to see types of accidents)

Finally, each state has different rules and regulations that affect what happens after an accident. This is another reason to have a consultation with an attorney. This consultation will be free.

Hope this is enough to get you started! Good luck! M

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