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You have been in a car accident and now it is time to decide if you need a Atlanta personal injury lawyer. Here are some of the most common questions people ask me about getting a lawyer...

  • What will a Lawyer do for me?
  • Do I need a lawyer or should I sort it out myself?
  • How much is my case/claim worth?
  • How do I get a free consultation to find out?
  • What questions will the lawyer ask?
  • I don't want to sue, do I still use a lawyer?
  • How much does it cost to hire a lawyer?

Injured In An Accident?

FREE Evaluation of your claim...

What Will An Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Do For You?

A local Atlanta lawyer is there to protect you after your car accident in many ways, and many you probably haven't thought of.

  • When you are injured from an accident, even a small injury, you are entitled to money for the pain you experienced. An Atlanta personal injury lawyer makes sure you get a fair settlement for your pain and suffering.
  • If you are injured at all you will need treatment. You will need to be well before you close your claim with your insurance company. But most insurance companies do not want to actually pay for your therapy. A lawyer is there to make sure you get the treatment you need both now and in the future if you need it.
  • Insurance is confusing. And insurance companies won't try to make it any easier after you have been in an accident. A lawyer will take care of it all. The questions and details of dealing with the insurance company are no longer your problem. Getting your car repaired properly or replaced is much easier with a lawyer working with you.
  • A local Atlanta personal injury lawyer will also make sure that if you need extra services because of the accident, that these get covered for you.
    One of my current clients broke her hand on the airbag. Her attorney is helping her by having the insurance pay for housekeeping. With 2 small children and having to keep her hand elevated, she needs real help.
  • As soon as you start working with an Atlanta personal injury lawyer all of the communication with the insurance companies stop and your lawyer takes their calls and their paperwork. No more harassing calls trying to get you to close your claim, or the weekly "how are you feeling" phones call.
  • Lawyers are experts and are experienced in dealing with insurance companies who are trying to give you as little as possible.

Do I Need A Lawyer?

People who use a lawyer to help them settle their insurance claim get on average 3 times the compensation that people receive who try to settle the case themselves. An insurance adjuster is trained and works all day at talking people out of getting the compensation they deserve. Trying to negotiate with an insurance company is usually best handled by a professional, which is why people do better with a lawyer.

In extreme and very serious accidents you must have a lawyer. You need a personal injury lawyer almost as badly as you need a doctor, don't hesitate get one on your side now. Fill out the form on this page to have a local lawyer call you back right away.

Even if your accident was less than serious - a personal injury lawyer can be essential for you. Sometimes serious injuries show up weeks and sometimes months after a car accident.

One of my clients a few years back came in for treatment for back and neck pain after his car accident. He had serious whiplash and headaches and a lot of low back pain. He saw his primary medical doctor, a very skilled chiropractor, and myself. One day, towards the very end of his 6 months of treatment, he came in and had so much pain that he could barely hold still. He had pain and numbness down his leg. The doctor listened to his symptoms, and referred him to the ER. He had surgery the next day for a disc issue.

This is not that common, most serious injuries from accidents are found in the first month, maybe two. But not all injuries. My client had been a police officer prior to this injury. He lost his job as his lower back was never the same. In this case, the lawyer had to get compensation for the loss of my clients career, not just for the injury itself.

The lawyer is there to protect you after an accident. And to protect your interests if the injury prevents you from working now, or in the future.

Getting your car repaired or replaced is also a process riddled with issues that your lawyer can help you with. You want new parts put back on your car not used ones, or you want fair compensation for the value of your car so you can get it replaced with an equal car. Your lawyer will help you with this too.

If you were in an accident, even if you are going to settle the claim yourself, have a free consultation with a lawyer to talk about your case it might surprise you how helpful it can be.

How much is my case/claim worth?

Well, simply put one of the best ways to find out is to ask a lawyer for free! Fill out the form and an Atlanta personal injury lawyer will call you right back and help you figure that out.

There are many factors that go into answering how much a claim is worth, and just some of which I've listed here for you:

  • Who was at fault?
  • Were you injured?
  • Were there injured passengers in the car?
  • How serious is your injury: do you have long term injuries, or permanent disability?
  • How much missed work do you have/will you have, will you have to change careers?
  • Will you have long term medical costs/care?
  • Was your car badly damaged? Any other property damaged?

There is no simple calculation or fast number which can be generated for a car accident case. That is why you want to have a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer.

You may have a very strong claim/case but the other driver has no insurance coverage. Or their coverage is not adequate to pay your claim (good settlements still happen in these cases, but only with an experienced lawyer). Or maybe there were 4 injured folks in the car, and the insurance company can pay the maximum on the insurance, but the maximum is now split between 4 peoples medical bills and their 4 claims. None of these examples mean you won't receive a settlement. They do mean your settlement will may be complicated.

Free Consultation with a local Lawyer

Simply the most important thing you can do after you have seen your doctor.

Fill out this short form a local lawyer will call you right back and discuss your case with you at no charge or commitment.

How much does it cost to hire a lawyer?

Atlanta personal injury lawyers work for you on a "no win, no fee" basis. That means that if for some reason they don't get a financial reward for you, they will not charge you. It is a no risk situation.

The lawyer gets paid by keeping a portion of the settlement that he gets for you from the insurance company.

Michelle was just in a car accident. 3/28/2013

I will be writing about my experience in real time, read along, or check in now and again. I will be posting about my pain treatments, and you can send questions about your own accident at any time for me to include.

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