Automobile Accident Lawyer - How To Decide If You Need One?

An automobile accident lawyer can offer you a sense of relief in dealing with your car accident settlement. If you have had a medium to serious accident, I strongly recommend you hire an automobile accident lawyer.

Lets talk about how to decide if you need to hire an attorney, how to pay for services, and how to actually go about finding the car accident injury lawyer who is best for you.

Injured In An Accident?

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Settle Your Case Yourself? Or Hire and Attorney?

If you have had a medium to serious accident, your injuries and the costs of your medical care and recovery mean you will be working with the insurance company for the at fault driver to arrive at a financial settlement. This settlement is intended to assist you in being "made whole", essentially it's an attempt to compensate you for all the tangible and intangible costs of your accident. This type of settlement is referred to as a pain and suffering settlement.

However, the insurance company is very very good at their job and their goal is to close this case with you for the least amount of expense possible.

A car accident injury lawyer works for you, to assist you in receiving the best financial settlement possible. This attorney is your advocate, and will speak and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.

The Insurance Adjuster is Nice/Will Look After My Interests

Because the insurance adjuster is so nice, or seems so friendly, people assume the adjuster is going to keep their best interests in mind. Car accident injury lawyers that we know tell us this is the number one biggest mistake injured patients make.

  • Insurance adjusters work with "goals" they must achieve on behalf of their employer
  • Insurance company goals are designed to keep all financial settlement claims at a minimum
  • Insurance adjusters will try to get you to close your claim long before you have even finished being medically treated
Insurance adjusters do NOT work for you, nor do they work on your behalf
  • An automobile accident lawyer will be able to protect you from adjusters who are only looking out for their companies best interests

I Don't Want to Sue Anyone

I understand how scary it seems to hire an attorney, and how much you don't want to be one of those people who just sue anyone for any reason. I want to tell you that it is rare that an automobile accident lawyer will actually have to sue anyone.


The job of your car accident injury lawyer is to negotiate a settlement with the at fault drivers insurance company. The attorneys we work with tell us that 80% of the cases they negotiate never require a lawsuit.

Those that do require the auto accident attorney's to file a lawsuit rarely go as far as court, the majority of this small group settle long before court.

When you first meet with your attorney during the initial consultation you can express all of your concerns and ask her/him how often they have filed a lawsuit and if they feel your case will require one.

If You Can't Afford and Attorney

  • An automobile accident lawyer will not charge you for a consultation
  • We highly recommend you take advantage of this first no-charge meeting
  • During this free consultation, you will learn a lot about how the attorney works, and this will help you determine if you want to hire this attorney
  • An attorney will not charge you until your case is settled with the insurance company - the lawyer is paid from the proceeds of the settlement, not from your pocket
  • The great attorneys we currently work with will not take your case if they feel you can settle it yourself

Do you have a question about hiring a lawyer? Or about a car insurance claim?

Take a moment, send me a few details, and I will try to answer your questions...I will do my best to answer your question within 24 hours... (but, I usually take weekends off)

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