can i claim

by philip

some one ran into the back of my car friday,it was a cement lorry the car is now a rite off, when i got out of my car i was shaking and i turned a shade of white ,it shook me up my vision was a little blurred,now the morning has come i have a slight pain in my neck also have a bad headache this has lasted for 2 days now can i make a claim, i will still go to work on monday

Hi there, Michelle here...

YES! But please first go to your doctor. You are injured and you need to be evaluated. Today please, right now go see your doctor.

You have a legitimate claim, so call the insurance company as well tell them you were in an accident, were injured and you are going to seek treatment.

Use ice on your neck and shoulders shoulder right away for pain. AND please find a chiropractor as you are going to want to have some consistent treatment for this injury...

Good luck. You doctor will likely tell you to stay out of work for a few days, I think your injury is going to be a little more painful than how things feel today. Taking a few days off can really help.

Best Regards, M.

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