Car accident 2 years ago- Help!

by Toni
(Brisbane QLD )

2 years ago I had a car accident. I was hit side on and both cars were a written off.
I was taken via ambulance to emergency. Where they ran tests an CT scans on my body and scull.
I was kept for a few hours but they found no major injuries, but that I should expect some pain over the next few days.

About 1 month later I started getting neck pains, blurred vision and strange feelings in my muscles. I went back to the doctors an they told me it was whip lash. I saw a physio for. 6 months but this only made a difference for a short period of time until my symptoms started again.

Can u possibly recommend anything I can do for this?? Please..

Hi there, Michelle here...

I am glad to hear you had no major injuries. But like most car accidents your whiplash is quite painful and is still lingering. One of the things you said I hear a lot in my clinic, which is that treatment helps but only for a short time, which makes patients think the treatment itself is not working.

Treatment after car accidents is very different than treatment for just about any other illness or injury you have had. If you are very sick, you see your doctor and you receive an antibiotic, this is the treatment, you take your treatment, you get well.

If you have ever been injured, falling down or similar, your pain was strong for a day or two, then over a week got a lot better....

With serious injuries like whiplash, treatment is nothing like this. The doctor who told you that you would have some pain “over the next few days” maybe had never treated whiplash before. All the studies show that whiplash takes a long time to heal, that without consistent treatment, patients can have pain even 7 years later!

That’s a LOT longer than “a few days!”

...and then when a doctor says this to a patient, and you have normal whiplash pain-- which keeps going for months --- you end up feeling like you are truly broken and will be stuck in pain forever!

Treatment works and helps with the pain, then you go about your life and the pain comes back. This is expected.

This is what I tell my clients:
* treatment takes longer than you think
*you will only feel good for a few days usually after a treatment, then you will need another treatment
*this is not a failure of the treatment, this is because whiplash is very serious

It takes longer than most of us can believe to get rid of the pain from a car accident. So, if you are feeling better after a treatment, you are on the right track. The pain coming back means you need more treatment.

I would strongly recommend you seek out treatment from a chiropractor. The chiropractor will be able to do a lot for your pain levels. And the chiropractor can evaluate your injuries and make good suggestions about what to do next, whether that means more physio, or therapeutic massage.

And the chiropractor will also give you a sense of how long she or he thinks your treatment should take so that you have a good guide line on when you should start feeling better.

It’s very upsetting to be injured, only feeling good some of the time, and not have anyone on your team who can tell you when you can expect to feel back to normal. The chiropractor can help you with this.

So a recap: you describe normal whiplash pain and injury, yes your accident was 2 years ago, but your neck and shoulders and back still need treatment.

For the seriousness of the accident you had, 6 months of treatment is a good start, but not nearly enough to be pain free. Adding in a chiropractor will help tremendously with your pain and you will start feeling like this is not going to be life long pain!

Best Regards, M.

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