Car accident hit from behind

by Jenita

I was hit from behind in a car accident the driver was going 40 -45 miles a hour I slowed to turn with blinker on and I got hit my head hurted really bad in the back on my right side and my neck,shoulder and upper back hurted as well my neck stopped hurting but my shoulder hurts I can barely lift my right arm without it hurting and at times my shoulder hurts just by sitting still I also hear & feel popping when my shoulder is moving now arm.i feel like dropping my arm to my side for comfort.

Hi there, Michelle here...

Sorry to hear about your accident, this sounds like a serious one. I am unclear when you were hit, although your description leads me to think it was very recently.

You didn’t actually ask me a question, but, after a car accident it is actually quite challenging at times to keep track of things, and so I am going to give you advice on getting out of pain, and getting treatment and hopefully this will help you with what you can always use the comment form to add in any questions I don’t answer for you here.

Ok, your injuries sound serious and you need to start getting some treatment right away! From your description, your shoulder is my first concern. Have you seen a doctor? Or had an x-ray?

You need to see a doctor right away, as in today – right now. If you went to the ER and they took x-rays, did they take an x-ray of the shoulder, or just your neck? Those are my questions first.
So, this is what to do next... if the x-rays have not been taken, then you need someone to look at the shoulder.

I would recommend you see a chiropractor, explain how serious the shoulder is and the chiropractor will be able to guide you to getting your shoulder examined and get you the treatment you need for your shoulder if it is injured and not in pain just because of the neck injury.

I want you to insist that any doctor who sees you looks at your shoulder, and does some x-rays.

Ok, now. The rest of you, your neck and back will start to feel better right away with chiropractic care. The chiropractor will be able to help you with this pain immediately. A good chiropractor will also insist you see a therapeutic massage therapist.

The sooner you start getting treatment the better you will feel.

Ok, so you also need a lawyer. With a serious accident and such serious injuries, you must have someone to represent your interests with the insurance companies and make sure at the end you have a settlement which will take care of you, especially if you need to have any care after the insurance is finished.

Further, an attorney will make sure that your care will be fully paid for by the insurance company so you do not end up with any bills when the settlement is finished.

Click here find a lawyer and take a quick moment to fill out the form on the page, and you will be in contact with a lawyer who specializes in auto accidents.

There is no obligation nor charge for filling out the form, it is simply a quick and easy way to get in touch with a lawyer who can help.

Let me know if you have other questions, just use the comment form. I really hope this helps.

Good luck, M.

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Aug 31, 2015
essay-on-time writing NEW
by: Anonymous

It seems like a really bad car accident. It looks like he had injuries really bad on shoulder, arm, neck and head. You have given him with the possible advices. It's a really nice blog. Accidents happen, he needs to take care of himself and start a treatment as soon as possible because that's how he will recover fast.

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