Car accident (lower speed) yesterday; headache, exhaustion, neck ache today. What should I do?

by Kristel


Yesterday driving my boyfriend to a dr. Appt., a pickup coming from the other direction abruptly turned left RIGHT in front of me, I tried to stop/swerve to avoid him, but there was just no time. I was going about 25mph, so not very fast, and he can't have been going too fast either I guess, since he was turning. Nobody seemed injured at the time, and without thinking about it really we all said, no, we're fine. My car took quite a beating though. The pickup driver was a nice enough guy, he felt bad and apologized, and said that he just didn't see me. (fairly obvious he didn't see me, or he wouldn't have turned right in front of me!)

Today I have a very sore neck, a moderate headache, and have been absolutely xhausted, and therefore have a hard time focusing on the various things I REALLY need to be doing. Just this evening I connected the two events, as my neck ache is very strange to have. I don't know why it took me so long to realize that it has to be from the accident, as there is nothing else that could have caused it. Then I recalled that sometimes injuries can show up after the fact.

Now to complicate things: my boyfriend was heading to his urologist because the night before he had to go into ER for what turned out to be a kidney stone he is trying to pass. He had been prescribed a small amount of Norco for the pain, and had taken one a little earlier. As he still hasn't passed the stone, he is still having to take the Norco fairly often. So now I'm thinking that when he's done passing the stone and off of the Norco, he will probably be just fine (it was a low speed crash, after all), but, what if he's not? What if he has some new unexplained neck or back or other pain, that he couldn't feel earlier because of the Norco??

So the question is, how should I handle this situation now to make sure he (or I) are ACTUALLY uninjured, before we accidentally give the insurance company an excuse to deny a claim we might actually need to make? Again, I think this is very unlikely - most likely my neck will be better in a day or two, and most likely when my boyfriend is off the Norco and kdiney stone-free, we'll both be great and back to our normal good health. But I want to make sure I dont do anything stupid in the interim, just in case we're NOT back to normal. Any advice would be much appreciated!

Hi there, Michelle here...

First, thanks for all the details, I understand your question! Lets go through it step by step.

1. Very normal at the site of the accident to state everyone is fine. Almost every single accident I have either been in or talked to someone about, both drivers will say they are fine. UNLESS! They are headed to the hospital.

We are all pretty trained that if we are not bleeding, or have something broken that we will all say, "I am fine". I had a close friend who rolled her jeep on the freeway at 50mph and told the ambulance driver she was fine. (NOPE, concussion, etc!)

2. Saying you are fine at the site of the accident has no bearing on whether or not you are injured, and has no bearing on whether or not you can make a claim for injuries.

3. Those folks who cause accidents by turning left in front of other cars, always say "didn’t see you". The left turn accident is a bad one, and yep there was nothing you could have done, he was totally at fault.

4. Yes your pain and exhaustion is related directly to the car accident, and you need to do the following:

a. call your doctor and be checked out.
b. call a chiropractor and start treatment. Sometimes a doctor will simply want to give you drugs when you are injured and will not suggest chiropractic treatment. The doctor is wrong. Chiropractic treatment is one of the best, fastest ways to get out of pain and start feeling better right away.

5. Your boyfriend: kidney stone, agony! Poor guy must be miserable. His being on a drug to help with the pain and the passing of the stone will not keep him from being injured in this accident. It may delay how long it takes for him to feel the problems/injuries but if he is injured it will show up. My guess from your description is that he is going to have very similar symptoms to what you have.

You do NOT need to tell the insurance company all about his kidney stones, or what drug he is taking or why. It is not their business. And even if you tell them, they can’t do anything with the information to harm you.

6. I am sorry to say you will not likely be better in just a few days. Car accident injury’s take a lot longer to heal then a few days. Check out this link about injuries: Whiplash Injuries.

7. Now for my most important advice, you need a lawyer. I believe because of your boyfriends condition the fact he was on some medication that the insurance company might give him a bit of a hassle about medical care when he starts needing it.

Hiring a lawyer is easy, there is no cost up front for you, no out of pocket expenses, and the lawyer gets paid only if they reach a settlement for you with the insurance company.

So, here is a link for with more info on finding a lawyer, take a moment and fill out the form on this page and a lawyer will contact you. Again, no cost, no obligation to speak to someone, but instead it will give you some peace of mind and you can stop having to worry about the insurance company. Talking to a lawyer

Most important thing I can tell you is your injuries are real, they will be with you for awhile, and you need to focus on treatment! Good luck, really hope this helps. M.

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Sep 17, 2015
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