Car Accident, No Health Insurance

by lisa

I had a car accident 2 days ago and I don't know if I should go to ER? I only feel nauseous especially at morning. My neck hurt very little, sometimes but beside the nausea I don't have any other symptoms -no headaches, no blurry vision. Since it was my fault and I don't have health insurance I need advice thanks .

It was a medium accident. The impact was one side I didn't hit my head against anything but it shook strong.

Hi there, Michelle here...

I do not think you need to go to the ER. HOWEVER, I do think you need to see a medical doctor.

Most communities have medical clinics which accept patients who do not carry insurance. Many walk in clinics will also have a sliding fee scale if you are low on funds.

Many many medical doctors will also help you create a payment schedule to pay them off if you do not have insurance.

A medical doctor will rarely charge over $100 to see you for this type of visit. Do not let not having medical insurance get in your way.

Also call your own insurance company, if you have PIP on your car insurance you may use it for all your medical care, EVEN if you were at fault! So, check in with them, find a medical doctor and go get checked out.

Then, ice, rest, ice, rest!

I hope this helps, M.

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