Car Hit My Car Door, Just Missed Me, Injured

by Cindy
(Ontario, Canda)

My car was hit while it was parked on the side of the road on September 12th. I had the back door open to take my child out. I saw the on coming car and leaned my body into the car and pulled the back door as close to me as possible. The driver hit my door and missed my literally by an inch. That day after I had a headache and my back was a bit stiff. Now my hips feel tight and when I use my right arm the right side of my back goes into spasms.

How long do you think this will last and what treatment should I seek, if any?

Hi there, Michelle here...

Wow. I am so impressed you had the fast thinking to protect yourself so well. It sounds absolutely frightening. I am so glad you got out of the situation with such light injuries.

Of course that does not mean your injuries are not serious or very painful!

I recommend you see a massage therapist who will help you with the muscle spasms. I think you will also need to get some chiropractic care which will help with the headaches and overall pain.

Muscle spasms do respond very well to treatment, while you wait for an appointment use some ice on your back and hips if you can, which will help some of the pain and spasms. Since it has only been two days I would not recommend heat quite yet, give it about another week, then a long soak as often as you can in hot water will be very helpful.

You have an unusual injury, I am unclear if you were smashed a bit by the door when the car hit you? Or if the door pinned you a bit... you could have been injured from the impact of the car hitting your car, which would have thrown your body about, especially since you were not strapped in.

My guess is you were holding on to your seat pretty tight, and the car that hit yours created a big impact, which would have injured you.

So, time frame? A bit hard to determine as I have never seen this kind of accident before. But my guess is, pain and headaches will start to heal after treatment begins, but likely 3 months of treatment and feeling a bit rough... then you will start to feel a steady change for the better... that is my best guess.

I hope this helps a bit.

Best Regards, M.

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Oct 05, 2015
Car Hit My Car Door, Just Missed Me, Injured NEW
by: Anonymous

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Sep 21, 2012
by: Cindy

I saw my doctor, my wrist is sprained (the one that was holding onto the door), back pain and spasms continue. Headaches on and off. I started physio and massage. My question is do I have any legal recourse?
I wanted to thank you for your page and information I have found it very helpful during this time.

Hi there, Michelle here...

Yes actually you should speak to an attorney. I think you will likely they will think of you as a pedestrian, as you were not driving, nor inside your car, even though part of you was inside. Regardless, you absolutely have legal recourse.

Look for a personal injury attorney.

I am really glad you went to see your doctor, its amazing how injuries happen. I hope you feel better with therapy!

And thanks for letting me know the site was helpful, that means alot!

Best Regards, M.

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