Chances of whiplash?

Hi, I was involved in a side collision 4 hours ago. This was my first collision so I'm understandably shook up.

I started feeling sore In my neck to my shoulders around 2 hours after the accident and feel quite fatigued.

Are these typical of someone who has whiplash or will I be ok?


Hi there, Michelle here...

Wow. Four hours ago? You must be really shook up still. First, feeling really fatigued and kind of fragile and possibly really emotional are completely normal.

During big stressful events your body gives you a nice big push of adrenaline, with adrenaline you are able to make important decisions quicker, get out of unsafe situations etc etc... Adrenaline can make you feel really racy, or as if you had two full pots of tea all at once.

After the accident, as the adrenaline leaves your body, you feel the opposite effect, the coming down effect... fatigue, moody, fragile or just plain shattered.

So, first, yes you will be ok. But you are going to feel a lot worse before you feel any better. By the time you read this you will likely have had a nights rest, meaning you are waking up and may be feeling stiff all over.

You might have a lot more symptoms than you went to bed with. All normal. It takes most people about 10 full days to know where all the injuries are in their bodies. So over the next about two weeks your body is going to have lots of changes.

And you are going to experience things you are not expecting. Yes you likely have whiplash.

The best thing to do right now is to go see your medical doctor. Get an evaluation and make sure there are no other injuries.

Its important to see your doctor for lots of reasons, one is to have a record of your injuries on file in case you need to ask for a financial settlement from the at fault drivers insurance.

Use ice, a lot wherever it hurts. Wrap up in a large cozy blanket, and put a frozen bag of peas around your neck for about 10-15 minutes. Lean any sore body parts on the ice. The ice will take away a lot of the pain.

REST. And then, REST some more. Rest is the answer to how fragile, and strange you feel.

If you end up having a busy or stressful day you might feel the injuries a little more, and feel a little less like yourself. So more rest.

And then in about another week from now, it will be time to see a chiropractor.

Good luck, I hope this helps! M.

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