constant headache since the accident

by Donna lynn
(dunnville on canada)

I was stopped at a red light when I was hit from behind at 50km , the impact pushed me about 20 feet thru the intersection, after the car came to a stop, I sat there for a few minutes, and I know I was in shock, shortly after that I experienced back and neck pain, and bruising from the seat belt, transported to the hospital, and X-rays were done, sent home. told I would have some whiplash pain for a few days.... the accident happened at 8am and later that evening I started to get a headache, sharp stabbing pains above right eye and top side of right head, but the entire head hurts too, and still hurts, this is day 15 since than,, been to my doctor 2 x since, than and was told headache was from stress of the accident...I do not feel well, have no appetite, feel dizzy some times, I am so tired now and all I want to do is sleep, and I have some blurred vision, but was just told I have glucoma, is my head pain a result of the glucoma???????

Hi there, Michelle here...

Wow. This was a really big accident. Your doctor is wrong. WRONG. As in you are not having headaches from stress from the accident. Nope.

You are having headaches because you have a mild concussion and you have injured your neck seriously, and you need to see a chiropractor.

If you had not been slammed into by a car at 50km and instead you just started having headaches out of nowhere then yep, you might be having stress.

BUT YOU WERE SLAMMED into by a car going 50km! You have serious whiplash and you need chiropractic care.

If you don’t know a good chiropractor then please google a few for your home town. But call one right away. All of the symptoms you are feeling will start to shift very quickly once you see someone about your neck.

A chiropractor will take your symptoms very seriously and will not tell you your appetite issues, your extreme fatigue and your pain and constant headaches are from stress.

As all these symptoms are from serious whiplash, not from stress. Your injuries are serious, and you need a specialist, and that specialist will be a chiropractor. The sooner, the better!

Glaucoma: I am not an eye doctor and so I can’t help you with this. From a strictly anecdotal perspective I do know one woman in my life who managed to get her glaucoma into a state where she did not have to take medication by losing weight, and daily exercise.

However, I am not a doctor, and I do not recommend you follow my advice on glaucoma, I do recommend you instead research whether or not these things may assist you as you work on this issue.

While you are waiting to see your chiropractor, please use ice on your neck and shoulders, and for sure use the towel technique right away, which will help with the headaches: roll a bath towel long ways, wrap around neck like a scarf, now head is supported taking pressure off the neck muscles and off the injury which will help a lot right away.

Best Regards, Michelle

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Oct 14, 2012
after effects from an accident
by: philip

hi everyone, its been a couple of days now since my accident, base of my neck hurts,headache constant,slight pain in the small of my back,coupled with a shooting pain in my left arm.

My insurance told me that i dont need to go to hospital to make a claim for this type of injury,it is commom in whiplash,
yes my vision was blurred but seems to be getting better now as time goes bye,as im covered by personal accident insurance they have contacted me taking all details of the event just awaiting for all the forms to arrive so that i can fill the in and await the outcome.

whats annoying is i have to buy another car so i can go about my daily duties, they dont help with this ,its a pain in the ass trying to find what you want at the right price and in such a short space of time. life would be easy for everyone if the insurer just gave you like for like car and we can all go about our duties like it was before any accident,why all the red tape,hassle,worry, heart ache.

Hi there Phillip, Michelle here…

I wanted to let you know the insurance company does not control your medical care, ever! What I am thinking you might be meaning is that your insurance company will open your claim for you, whether or not you ended up at the hospital?

If this is the case, then that is true. IF the insurance company is attempting to keep you from going to the hospital or to a doctor, then the insurance company is out of line.

Second, You do NOT have to await forms in order to begin treatment. The insurance company will give you a claim number when you call in, and that claim number will be all you need to give to your medical providers.

I hope you are seeking treatment, most importantly chiropractic treatment. The insurance company is not your medical advocate, their goal is to keep their costs down. This is not in your best interest. What is in your best interest is finding a good doctor, and getting yourself treatment until you and your doctor decide you are well.

And finally, you should get an attorney. With the symptoms you are describing, and your need for a replacement car, your case is clearly serious. If you want some help finding an attorney, that link is on your state page, the final paragraph has the details.

Or if you want to learn how to work with your insurance company first, and then decide, this book is well written and packed with very real facts which can help you throughout your claim.
How To Settle Your Own Claim

This page on the site lists all the states, head here if you want and fill out the form which will get you in contact with an attorney who specializes in car accidents. There is no obligation nor cost.

Find Your State Here
Good luck- I hope this helps a little.

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