Defendant query

by Linda
(Northern Ireland)

I have an ongoing road claim , spanning nearly 2 years now, it was finally being wrapped up & now the defendants wish to have been examined by a doctor, is this normal procedure or are they stalling?

Kind Regrds


Hi Linda, Michelle here...

There are some essential pieces missing from your question... so please write me again...

Who is asking whom for a doctors evaluation? Is the at fault party asking YOU to submit to a doctors evaluation? OR are they wanting to be evaluated by a doctor?

Is the case already held by attorneys for both parties? Or, are you trying to settle things yourself?

In the most very general terms: Yes, it is normal to have a doctor evaluate an injured party prior to settlement, the doctors evaluation can change the amount being offered. HOWEVER, NO DOCTOR can look back 2 years and determine whether or not an injury occurred at that time. Although the doctor can and should read all the medical reports from that time, the doctor can not see backwards and will only be making their best assessment, which will be very different than if the injured person were examined at time of injury.

You can reply by using the comment button, send me a bit more information so I can assist you with real details...

Sincerely, M.

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