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hi my name is marvin dec 2. 2012 i had a extreme accident where 3 of us flew out, the other two didnt make it, i was very lucky to be alive i flew out i landed on the highway on my back and i had a big head trauma, its been 4 months already, my head injury is fine but my back is soo painful. i read your info on how long is the pain but i didnt really see any info on my back, i have like 3 masses of inflammaion they feel like balls, i have trying everything but i am still in pain like the accident was yesterday, what your advice on how long will it take for them to go away?

Hi Marvin, Michelle here...

Thanks for writing. And I am so sorry to hear about your accident. Your injuries are severe and at 4 months you are barely getting started.

However, I know 4 months feels like forever when you have this kind of pain, so I am not saying I don’t understand.

With the kind of masses of inflammation you have on your back, the best way to address these is from the inside and from the outside.

This is what I mean. I would recommend you see a massage therapist 2x a week every week. He or she will be working to decrease that inflammation, and they will be working on the connective tissue and the muscle injuries.

Each massage will help a little bit, and over time with consistency the massage will significantly change those areas of “balls” and you will find they start to completely go away.

You can be doing ice and heat at home. When the inflammation is really bad, I would recommend ice.

Inflammation decreases significantly with ice, and this will quickly bring the pain down for you. You can do ice as many times a day as is helpful, although you want to give your back at least 20 minutes between times to warm back up.

Also, a topical ointment would be very useful. My favorite is arnica. Now, your pain is severe, your injury is likewise severe. You may not feel any improvement with some arnica yet.

However arnica is working on decreasing inflammation even if you cannot feel it. So please use it frequently on your back, and eventually you will notice that it helps you feel better.

I would anticipate that you will be doing these treatments for another 2-4 months before relief starts to set in. I would expect you to have some intermittent relief, which does not last. So it will feel like a roller coaster for awhile yet.

I am assuming from the severity of this accident that your entire back has been carefully x-rayed/or cat scanned so that there is no chance you have a fracture/fractures in your spine and that there are not other bone injuries.

If you have NOT been x-rayed and examined by a specialist it is time to have this done. I am going to recommend a chiropractor as it is their specialty to examine the bones of the back, and they are experts at reading x-rays of the spine.

So, if you have not been thouroughly x-rayed please have that done immediately.

A small fracture can be very difficult to see in an ER when someone comes in from such a horrific accident with a head injury. I have seen many many patients whose x-rays were read improperly at the ER who turned out later to have fractures and breaks.

This is a top priority if it has not been done. I would encourage you if you have had these x-rays to take them to a chiropractor and have them examined again just to see.

The primary treatment in your case, assuming that the bones are not fractured, will be massage. It is extremely effective and will help get those "balls" to decrease.

Now, the inside stuff. Inflammation is also affected by what you eat and drink. Coffee, sugar, pop, white flour, cigarettes etc, all cause inflammation reactions in the body.

There are multiple food plans available which are designed to lower the bodies inflammation response. I would highly recommend you look into one of these plans to see how it might assist you.

There are also supplements which are very good at assisting with anti-inflammation in the body and would encourage you to speak to either your doctor if he or she understands supplements, or speak to your local health food store about some basic recommendations.

And finally I can’t emphasize enough the importance of rest. Rest. Rest. With a huge trauma, a head injury and severe injury to your back you need rest. Light exercise such as a walk daily would be very helpful, but rest is extremely important to focus on as well.

I hope this helps a bit, it is very frustrating to be 4 months from an accident and still be in so much pain. But I do promise it will go away. Keep at your therapies, be consistent and the pain relief will come.

Best of luck, M.

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Sep 02, 2015
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I'm so sorry for your accident and on your condition afterwards. I suggest you to do X. ray and MRI of your backbone. Then on the basis of the results decide what should you do. N Michele you are doing really great. The way you are helping people is really great. Every time when I read your blog it gives me so much information.

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