Fender Bender, Can I Be Injured?

by Brittany L.
(Yorba Linda)

I was in a car accident at school last Thurs. A huge gmc backed into my tiny honda civic. Since then Ive noticed my back has been aching, I wake up alot in my sleep, my neck is really stiff and ive been getting worse headaches. i havent seen a doctor because it was just a little worse than a fender but she did some damage to the back of my car. What should I do?

Hi there, Michelle here...

Hi Brittany, thanks for writing. Your answer is go to see a chiropractor. Right now. Simply call a chiropractors office, tell them you were injured in a car accident, because you were, and you need to start treatment.

The chiropractors office will handle the insurance paperwork for you. Just because you were in a fender bender, does not mean you were not injured. Many studies have shown that small impacts can cause long term pain and injury to a patient.

Over the years I have had a fair amount of patients who had no damage to their cars who had injuries to their back and necks. I have been hit where my car was not damaged and I had constant headaches before I started getting treatment.

So, find a chiropractor. How? Ask friend if they have seen one, look on Yelp for reviews of docs in your area. Call your medical doctor and ask if they know someone.

Good luck!

Best Regards, M.

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