First accident for me ever...

by Samantha

I was sitting at a stop sign looked left and then right. I proceeded to go and wham I was my car had been slammed into. I remember hearing the sound of the crash and then spinning. I woke up what must of been a couple minutes later because this guy was like pratically yelling at me asking me if i was okay. My front end of my car is completely gone. THe lady who hit me her car is hardly damaged. I don't understand how they are ruling this as my fault considering she was not there when i went to pull out. Anyway back to my point.The accident happened a day ago and i have had a headache since my neck is killing me, and my upper back is hurting as well. It hurts to turn my neck left and right too. I'm not sure if i should make a appt to the dr or not. I don't want to waste their time.

Hi there, Michelle here...

Sorry to hear about your accident. Yikes. So, if you “woke up” you were not asleep, you passed out from the impact which means you likely have a concussion. Please go straight to your medical doctor.

Never think you are wasting someone’s time, this was a very big accident, you have a real injury, and you need to be evaluated.

Anytime you lose consciousness your doctor needs to know. You need to be evaluated straight away. So, make a call, get seen. Call today.

AFTER you see your medical doctor for the possible concussion, you will want some treatment from a chiropractor. The chiropractor is going to be able to help you with the headaches and neck pain.

Next you need to speak to an attorney. It’s a bit hard to determine the exact details, and you passed out, so there may have been more going on than you can remember.

I don’t know what kind of road you were pulling out on, or if you had a blind spot on the road so when you looked left/right you would have missed the on coming car. Or maybe the woman was speeding and arrived at your car unexpectedly?

Or maybe a number of other things. Things I can’t know as I don’t have the details, but a conversation with an attorney can help you sort.

Further, when you are found at fault in an accident, this changes the financial responsibility for you. This will affect your long term costs of insurance, it will affect your driving record etc.

So, you want to take a moment, talk to an attorney and see if the attorney can help you.

If you chose you can fill out this form, no cost and no obligation and an attorney can reach you from your local area.

Injured In An Accident?

FREE Evaluation of your claim...(no obligation)

Hope that helps. When you are home, use ice on your neck, ice for about 15 minutes on, then take a break.

Use a towel around your neck, wrap it like a scarf, and this will help a little with the neck pain and can ease the headache just a little.

Best Regards, hope this helps. M.

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