got a shock by a car accident in spine

by zareen kamal
(karachi pakistan)

i was driving my car myself all of a sudden few stones lying on the road hit my car n i got a shock in my spine than i went to the doctor and he took my xrays and said i have compressed fracture of L 1 AND L4 my age is 63 yrs and he said i should completely rest for 6 weeks,now that i have completed almost ten weeks i went to the doctor he checked and he said your bones are okie but u have muscle spasms,and he gave me me muscoril capsules 4 mg to be taken once in morning and once in evening but i m still in terrible pain please help me!!!

Hi there, Michelle here...

I am sorry to hear about your accident. I am not sure I completely understand how you were injured, but any type of fracture is very painful. Its so frustrating to be in pain for so long! That I totally understand...

Things to do: ideally you need to receive some massage therapy. You are looking for deep tissue work which will help work out the tight muscle spasms that you have. Massage will help you reduce your pain on your first visit.

If you are unable to see a massage therapist here are a few things to try at home: Hot bath. A deep soak daily will make a huge difference in how much pain you have. A hot water bottle will also help, you can lay on it where things hurt. Or a heating pad... yes heat is very very good for muscle spasm pain and you can do it immediately.

IF your fracture has fully knitted back together, and your doctor has confirmed this on x-ray, most breaks take 6 weeks to heal, and you said 10 weeks already so I think you are fine...

Then take a tennis ball or something similar and lean against the ball onto a wall, so your body/back will gently but firmly press the ball into the wall, go up and down (shoulders to hips) not across. And use the pressure of your back to roll the ball up and down the wall...

The pressure of the ball will help ease out the muscle spasm.

You can also do this exercise on the floor, although sometimes at first when you roll on the tennis ball on the floor it can be too deep, so start against the wall.

The muscle spasms will go away for sure. I hope this helps.

Best Regards, M.

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Thankyou soo much i admire your comments from my heart but you didnt reply me about the medicine muscuril 4mg capsule for the pain,is there anyother medicine you want me to know that i should take. best regards zareen kamal

Hi there, Michelle here...

You are very welcome and I am so glad to hear you found my advice helpful. I didn't comment on the drugs because I and can't help you with this question, I am not a doctor so it is not appropriate to answer any questions related to medications... So sorry!

Talk to your doctor about anti inflammatories, as these will help alot with the pain. But because I do not know what your current drug is/how it works make sure you speak to your doctor about how anti inflammatories work with that medication.

Much luck, M.

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