Have I got whiplash

by Val
(Newcastle UK)

I was involved in an accident today. I was on a stationary bus.
When a car hit sideways directly piercing the bus. I have pains in my lower back as well as a pain going down one leg. My both arms feel aching, although little pain in my neck. is this whiplash?

Hi there, Michelle here...

Well maybe you do, maybe not. The fact that your arms are starting to feel achy leads me to believe you may have whiplash. But you are injured regardless if anyone calls it whiplash.

In general whiplash refers to injury of the neck not the low back. However, regardless of what we call it, you need to seek some treatment.

If you have not been to A&E you should go and get yourself checked out. If you have been already, then find yourself a chiropractor who will help with both neck injury and lower back issues.

Your achy arms lead me to believe you have injured your neck, which is whiplash.

Good luck, M.

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