Headache after cab crash

by kasturi

Hi, I was in a cab going home and my cab crashed into the car ahead. I hurt my head and my nose on the seat in front of me. I had a throbbing feeling which is now worsening as a headache. Should I visit a doc? Could this be serious?

Hi there, Michelle here...

Sorry to hear about the accident. Yes, you need a doctor visit. Yes your impact could cause a concussion, or you could have an issue with your nose, all of which can be determined at the doctor's office.

You likely also have a case of whiplash. So, after you visit your medical doctor and you find out whether this is a concussion, please find a chiropractor in your local area and start treatment right away.

Chiropractic treatment makes a huge difference in pain and headaches. You will often feel better the same day. (You will need more than one appointment, but relief can be found quickly).

The cab company will pay for all your injury costs and care, including any out of pocket expenses.

This means if you have to cab over to doctor appointments and back, you will keep the receipets and the company will pay for these costs.

Here are some things you can do at home in between doctor visits, or until you can get scheduled, pain treatment at home just scroll down page a bit and there are lots of remedies to help with your pain relief.
The only concern I have for your situation is you are going to be dealing with commerical insurance, and it is possible you might find the insurance company for the cab driver a bit difficult. They also may be super easy and take care of all your medical.

But, I have been doing this along time and find working with commercial insurance companies can be more complicated than working with an individual's car insurance. That being said, if the cab companies insurance gives you any kind of hassle whatsoever, then please talk to a lawyer.

The lawyer will take over your case completely, and make sure you are reimbursed for all medical costs, travel, missed work etc, and will also work to make sure you receive a fair settlement.

Do I need a lawyer? this page will help understand a little more about hiring a lawyer. Take a moment and fill out the form on the page, and a lawyer will contact you.

The short version: there will be no cost to you, the charge for all the lawyers services come out of the settlement the lawyer arranges for you when she or he closes your claim. Talking to a lawyer is free.

There is no obligation to speak to a lawyer. Instead you will simply talk to someone who can give you a better idea if they can make this process of healing from injury better for you.

Good luck! Hope this helped, M.

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