hit a car from behind

by denise

Hello I've been getting really bad panic attacks outta the blue and I Get hot flashes and my chest will start hurting and I get nausea I got hit on the left side with the airbag and got bruised its been 8days since it happened is this normal the day it happen got all sorts f tests done But came out normal

Hi there, Michelle here...

I am sorry to hear you are feeling so rough. Yes it is normal to feel some panic. The pain in your chest needs to be addressed by your doctor. Call your doctors office and tell them you are having some pain in your chest and need an appointment, do that today.

If you have not been to a chiropractor I would recommend you set an appointment to see one. A chiropractor can help you with much of the pain you are experiencing. It sounds like you were hit really hard and that you are really injured.

Often when you go to the ER, you are told that all the tests turned out ok, this does not mean you are not injured. It means you didn't break any bones, and that there are no internal injuries.

The ER does not treat soft tissue or whiplash injuries. Those injuries need to be treated by chiropractors, massage therapists and your medical doctor. Your medical doctor will talk to you about pain control and what the best choices are for you and your current health.

Your medical doctor or your chiropractor will have experience with panic after car accidents and will be able to refer you to get help.

And finally sounds like you were hit very hard, if you were not at fault I would recommend you talk to an attorney, as you are injured. An attorney can help with things like making sure you are properly compensated for the injuries.

You can click this page if you need to speak with an attorney: Click here, scroll down the page, fill out form.

If you were at fault, then it is your own insurance company you need to talk to to make sure you have an open claim for medical care. If your own insurance will not cover treatment, and you were at fault you will go through your health insurance.

Once you have talked to your doctor and seen a chiropractor you will have help and a plan for each of these issues. It is very normal to have this much pain after 8 days, and it means you need treatment.

Best Regards, M.

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Nov 14, 2012
by: denise

Thank u soo much are hot flashes Part of it...

Hi there, Michelle here...

Hot flashes are not a normal part of a car accident, but women often have changes in their hormonal cycles after accidents, and if you are of an age that hot flashes might be a normal part of your life, then it is possible. The answer is to ask your doctor. I would also track your symptoms on paper for a few weeks and see if there is a pattern.

Best Regards, M.

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