Hit And Run Car Accident

by Chastity
(Herrin IL United States)

i got into a car wreak two days ago and i was driving my friends car and the guy hit us head on and left the scene of the accident im afraid to go to the emergancy room beacause i dont want to hurt my friends insurance because we cant find the guy who hit us would that affect her and her insurance if i go.

Hi there, Michelle here

I am guessing from your letter that you did not call the police at the time of the accident? For everyone reading this, if you are in an accident and the other driver drives off, that is a crime. Call the police immediately, do your best to describe the other car and the other driver. You need the police involved.

So, I can’t tell from your letter if you called the police, but I have a feeling you were not sure what to do so you didn’t do that? Call your friends insurance company and ask them if she carries underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage. You don’t have to tell the insurance company that there was an accident, she is allowed to call on her policy with questions anytime she wants to.

If she has under/uninsured motorist coverage then you are covered for the medical and damage to her car. If she does not have this coverage, she may have personal injury protection, PIP. If she has PIP you are also covered for the accident.

Opening a PIP claim does not make your insurance go up, the only thing that makes insurance go up is when you are at fault in the accident.

So you need more information to make a decision. But, it sounds like you are injured and you need treatment. Find out what insurance she is carrying on her car insurance.

If she has uninsured motorist coverage, I would recommend you consult an attorney who can then help you sort out how to make sure you get the insurance company to work with you. Getting an attorney will NOT cause your friends insurance to go up, if she has uninsured coverage, the attorney is paid out of that, not out of your pocket.

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The biggest issue you might have is whether or not you can show the accident was a hit and run. Were there any witnesses? Did anyone stop to help did you get their information? Did the police file a report?

If there is no car insurance available, you will get treated using your health insurance. Call your doctor and go have a visit and get sorted out.

You can always write in the comments section if you have additional questions and I will get these.

Best Regards, M.

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