hit by semi

by Shawn

Yesterday I was rear ended by a semi. I can't remember why I was on that road yesterday or anything about the accident. this morning my head hurts severely with a bad headache. Neck and shoulder pain - is this the whiplash you're talking about?

Hi there, Michelle here...

I can’t tell if you have been to the ER or to your doctor. If you have not been to see a doctor, go right now. Tell your doctor or the ER doctor that you do not remember a lot of yesterday, have them do x-rays of your neck and back, and evaluate you for a concussion. Stop reading until you have gone to the doctor!

Ok, now that you are back from the doctor, and your doctor has given you a plan, I can give you some advice.

You sound like you may have a minor head injury. These can happen when you have a big impact and your brain hits the inside of your skull. These impacts can cause you to have small amounts of memory loss, such as forgetting the day of the accident, and can cause bad headaches, difficulty sleeping, speech disturbances, and other strange symptoms.

I can’t tell you how bad your minor head injury is, you will need a neurologist for this evaluation.

But I can tell you to REST a lot. REST as much as you can. Do not exercise, do not work overtime, do not drink alcohol, do not stay up late, REST your body. The rest allows all the different injuries, including the minor head injury, to begin to recover.

Ideally, take as much time off from work as you can. Your doctor will write you a note for this, and your insurance should cover any lost wages.

After, and only after you have been checked out either at your doctor’s office or at the ER, it is now a good time to see a chiropractor. The chiropractor will do a thorough evaluation of your neck and back and can help with any of the headaches which are coming from your neck being injured, or the whiplash.

So, the long answer to your question is that yes you have whiplash, but I suspect you also have a minor head injury. You need to take some time to find out what your medical situation is, which means doctor visits. And lots and lots of rest.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards, M.

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