hit from behind

by ann phelan

hello last night i got hit from behind, i jerked forward badly and went back as fast, today I have a pain in the left side of my neck, throbbing pain, is this a symptom of whiplash, the person that ran into me drove away.

Hi there, Michelle here...

So sorry to hear about your accident. Yes. You likely have whiplash. You need to go to the A&E and be checked out, likely the doctors will order a set of X-rays to see what kind of injuries you have.

If you can’t get there right now, use some ice on your neck until you can see the doctor. Ice will help with the throbbing pain. If you need to you can also use a bath towel – roll it up like a scarf- and put it around your neck.

The towel will support your head and give the neck muscles a little rest, which will help decrease some pain.

You also need to make sure you reported the hit and run. Doctor first of course. Then talk to your own insurance company and about the accident.
I hope this helps a bit, I know the first few days can be intense.

Rest often and after you have seen the docs at A&E, make sure you find a chiropractor to treat your neck injury and whiplash symptoms.

Good Luck, M.

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