How can doctors help me if im pregnant?

by Syvannah

I fell asleep while driving and hit a guard rail and totaled my car. I was completely fine when the I fell asleep while driving and hit a guard rail and totaled my car. I was completely fine when the paramedics checked me out then 4 or 5 days later I start getting terrible headaches and dizzy spells. I haven't been to the doctors or hospital to get checked out because I'm pregnant and I know there isn't much that could be done. I don't know what to do. I have family members that are doctors and nurses and they think it may be whiplash or a concussion. What do I do?

Hi there, Michelle here...

I am sorry to hear about your accident. It is actually very normal to feel fine when the paramedics come only to find you have pain and injury a few days later. I do believe it is very important for you to see your doctor, especially because you are pregnant.

Although the doctors will not be able to offer you medicine for your pain relief, they will be able to evaluate your injuries, make sure your pregnancy was not affected and evaluate if you need treatment for your concussion.

Once you have seen your doctor, the next very best thing to do is to see a chiropractor. The chiropractor will be able to help you with decreasing your pain, decreasing headaches and likely even help a lot with the dizziness.

Pregnancy will not be an issue for chiropractic treatment, and in fact chiropractic treatment can also assist you with having an easier pregnancy and delivery.

Further, the chiropractor will or should recommend massage therapy treatment for your pain. This treatment is essential after a car accident and will help the neck pain and the headaches.

Massage and chiropractic care are the two best treatments for recovery from whiplash and car accident injuries.

Please get evaluated by your medical doctor for your concussion, and to make sure your injuries did not affect your pregnancy, then see a chiropractor right away and you will find your headaches will improve right away.

Good Luck - I hope this helps! M.

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