How do I stop working after car accident

by Kitty B.
(Pahoa, Hawaii)

My questions is : how do stop working ,?because everyday i am so much pain , my husband has sudden death,,i must be able to support my family, that is why i am still working,, had to go back to the ER,, Dr thought i was having a stroke,,, Drs said pain was from the car accident..i am in so much pain..can you help me please..

Hi there, Michelle here

I am sooo sorry to hear about how much pain you are in.

This is what you need to do:

You need an attorney right now, today if possible. The attorney will immediately look into getting you help so you can stay home, she or he will help make sure you are seeing the right doctors and getting good treatment.

I am including a link here for you, click, fill out the form, an attorney will contact you, there is no charge for filling it out, there is no charge to talk to an attorney, and if you hire the attorney you do not pay anything out of pocket for the services, they only get paid when you settle the case with the insurance company.

The attorney will check to see if you have Personal Injury Protection, which will pay for your missed work if you have this type of coverage. The attorney will help you.

At home, use ice on the parts that hurt, rest as much as you can when not at work, try using a towel around your neck like a scarf, to hold your head, this will help with neck pain.

I can only guess at your pain as you didn't write me about it, but neck pain is the number one injury in car accidents.

I hope this helps a little. Please click here, and fill out the form. It takes a few moments, but you really need help right away and this is how to get it....
Hawaii Bodily Injury

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