how to make the scdot pay for damage caused to our car?

by mrs. r
(cherokee county)

let me start off letting everyone know who reads this know one was hurt. okay this is what happen. the city was doing work on one of our county roads. they where cutting tree, branches etc. we pull up to the 1st flag man. of course we wait till the flagman gives us the okay its safe clear to go. as we start up not even at 5 mph yet one of the workers not watching what he was doing turns around with a good size branch in his hands hit the driver side of our car. starting at the front panel running clean down the whole side of our car scrathing and causing dents n the side clean down to the back tail light. the branch he had was the size of a man upper part arm with lots of other stick depree on the end. my husband stop the car at the second flagman reports what happen. which was the foreman on site. he seen what happen so did the 1st flag man and other workers. the foremen looks at the damage calls his super sent us striaght down to the main off n spartanburg. they took photos gave us a form to fill out get two est. have a notery to sign etc. here the thing. when we go n to return the paperwork the next day the two lady from the front desk snapped off telling my husband i wasnt n the car. which should had not matter. but i was! so was my daughter son and grandson! we all seen it happen and heared the noice it made when the accident happen. told my husband the one took the photo said i said that to him. then said dont expect a check no time soon at least 6 wks could b more. no rental car. they dont pay for that! we dont have a second car at all. and they may not pay for it at all! all he ask was what we needed to do from there. its almost christmas. i dont want to be driving around a strach dented car during the hoildays we worked hard to pay for our car. we always keep it looking nicey as possible. it was there worker fault we followed every safty rule to the tee! my husband has work n simlar feild he knows what to look out for and he really looks out for the worker safty! its the worker who did not follow training correctly. the super added he would lose his job which we feel awful about so close to christmas. we just want our car fixed n a timely manner and a rental car. we shouldnt be treated like we the ones who is at fault and being called a lier by people whom wasnt even there. what should we do? any advice??

Hi there, Michelle here

This is not an easy one, because you are involved in property damage with a state agency. State agencies are notorious for taking a long time to sort out fault/and to take action.

I would start by calling your OWN insurance company. Tell them what happened, that your car is damaged and you are getting the run around from the folks responsible.

It is very possible your own car insurance could repair your car for you, and then bill the responsible party.

Even though it was not your fault, talking to your own company may give you some good information.

The other choice is to contact an attorney. Even though this is not an injury accident, you are not getting your property fixed by the at fault party and the attorney may be able to assist you with that.

Don't worry about the nasty woman in the front office. She does not decide your case. You have proof, you reported the damage immediately, the supervisor came down, there are multiple witnesses.

The bad news is, that no matter what you do, there may not be a way to speed this up. But I would try all the above things, first.

Good luck. Hope this helps.


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Nov 11, 2015
well i don't think its your fault NEW
by: Anonymous

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Oct 14, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Jan 10, 2013
ty for the reply
by: Anonymous

The 2nd thing we did was to contact our ins. I gave them copies of all paperwork. Had them to look over it. We only have SC limit on our car so it want pay. :( They did say I may have to contact a lawyer. They also said it should not take them that long since they have to go threw the same steps they would handling a claim. This Wed. Will be six weeks we where told 6 to 8 wks. We heard nothing so far. We at least expected a Phone call. We didn't want to hire a lawyer due to more money having. To b paid out. We not trying to makes, them pay out more. We're going to call the main office tomorrow to c what is going on. If we get the run around guess we will be looking for a good lawyer. Ty for taking the time to give me advice! Mrs.R.G

M here...

You are very welcome. It is way past time for them to have taken care of your situation. I encourage you to talk to an attorney. There is no charge to you for contacting an attorney!! The cost is paid by the insurance company, not out of your pocket! It is so frustrating when companies try to take advantage of working people!!

Here is a link, fill out form if you want to contact atty: South Carolina

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