I had a car accident in the last couple of week the pain has gotten alot worse

by Colleen
(MIlwaukee, Wisconsin, USEA)

I went to the Doctor about 4 days after the accident - I owna truck and my tire flew off in the front when I was going 80 miles per hour - My pain has intensified - when I went to the
Doc she gave me some pain pills and off I went - well it has gotten worse asked for muscle relaxer she gaxe me flexeral that does nothing - my neck and shoulders feel like someone is shoving hot needles and it only get worse as the days go by - Prior to this incident I have had 2 serious snowmobile accidents involving my neck both time - my doctor seems not to want to help me or give me med to help with the pain.

Hi there, Michelle here...

Sorry to hear about your pain. So, first things first. Ice will help a little reduce some of your pain, as will a bath towel rolled like a scarf (roll the long ways) put it around your neck right away and this will take a little of the weight of your head off your injured neck muscles and the pain and sharp needles and burning feeling will calm a little.

Next, go see a chiropractor. Immediately, soon, or sooner. After two other serious neck injuries its time to have a specialist treat you.

Chiropractors are specialists in neck and back injuries. They are experienced, well educated and produce results for their patients.

A few visits and you will notice a tremendous difference in your pain, and a huge improvement in the pain you are having.

I understand how frustrating it is to be in pain, especially when you are taking a medication that is not giving you relief. I have found that a cycle of anti-inflammatories can work a lot better than even more serious drugs for some pain.

Go back to your doctor and ask her if she can give you a prescription for anti-inflammatories. As I am not a doctor I cannot give you the advice as to what you should take, only your doctor can do that.

But what I have seen work is to take an anti-inflammatory every 4 hours on the 4 hour mark, set a timer if you receive this prescription.

After around 24 hours of being steady and taking these the pain starts to be more manageable as your pain cycle stops being so spiked, where you have severe pain and have to chase it down and “hope” while the pain pill begins taking effect.

Chasing pain is always a bad idea.

Some docs prescribe a heavy anti-inflammatory that is taken every 8 hours, in my experience, and not being a doctor, instead, an anti-inflammatory taken every 4 hours, although a smaller dose, works more effectively.

Hope this helps...its obvious your pain is from the severe whiplash and its obvious you need treatment.

Being ignored by your doctor means you need a different doctor.

Go see a chiropractor as soon as you possibly can.

Best Regards, M.

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