I was in a car accident

by christina

Hi, I was driving under 35 mph I think because the air bags did not pop, however I remember that I hit very hard. I had my seat belt on and I have scratches I guess where it cut into me, I noticed 2 days later headache that went away only w ibuprophin and stiffness, my upper shoulder hurts minor and is sore. I'm taking feoricet w codeine, 6 a day so I don't know if that is covering the pain but I take them for stress headaches, and they did not help my headache today that's why I took IB, 800 mg..
Thank u for any advice..
Thank you

Hi there, Michelle here...

I am sorry to hear you are having headaches. You have a lot of injuries that need to be addressed. You report pain that sounds like whiplash and muscle injury to your upper back, shoulders and neck. You need to go straight to your doctor or chiropractor. Please make an appointment today!

Although you may have had medications on the shelf to help with other type of headaches, I always recommend that patients who have had car accidents do NOT self medicate. Please go see a chiropractor who will treat you for your neck injury and this will immediately start helping with the headaches!!

Further, mixing ibuprofen with other medication is NOT wise, especially at such a high dose. Ibuprofen is hard on the stomach and can cause other issues. Please please call your medical doctor about your prescriptions and get her or him to advise you on pain management.

More is not better when you have been injured, timing your medications AND treatment for your neck and back injury will bring about the fastest best pain relief!!

Best Regards, M.

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