Injured Three Weeks Ago, Is It Too Late?

by Janice
(Strawberry Plains Tn)

I was involed in a rear end collison Dec 21st and told the guys insurance that my neck was sore, however I did not go to the doctor and my left shoulder & right foot pain has increased. My question is it to late to go see about it now?

Thank you

Hi there, Michelle here

It is NOT too late!

In Tennessee you have 1 year from the date of the accident to seek treatment and file for a claim for compensation. I am going to include the link for your state below so you can look up the rules on my site, its in plain English.

Now, Tennessee does an unusual thing, in that they will not allow you to collect any damages if you are 50% or more at fault in your accident.

I don't have enough information to answer this question, this is a question for a lawyer.

In your case I highly recommend you contact a lawyer for two reasons:
1. You did not seek treatment immediately, although this is very normal and is not actually a problem, the insurance company may try to use this to give you a hassle about your claim.

2. Because Tennessee follows a % rule of at fault, it is best to have a lawyer look at your accident information to make sure you are protected. Talking to a lawyer is free and easy, I have a form on the site, it takes just a moment or two to fill out, its on the Tennessee page to make it easy. The lawyer will contact you, and help you make the right decisions to protect your case.

I hope this helps! Make sure to use ice, it helps a lot with pain. And go see a doctor and follow that with some Chiropractic care!


Best Regards, M.

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