Insurance Company Playing Games

by Shannon
(Rogers, Arkansas)

I was involved in a head on collision 7 months ago, totaled my car. Other driver 100% at fault, admitted it and have witness. His insurance is trying to go by Florida law, not Arkansas law.

They have offered a VERY low settlement, and told me to negotiate with my own insurance to get them to lower what I owe them, then I "can keep all that is left over...." My medical bills were $8600, they offered me $9000. They sent me this offer, and I rejected. I have heard NOTHING else from them. Will not respond to email or phone calls. I have asked them to give me details outlining why this amount for settlement, break it down for me.....nothing. No response at all. I would like to settle this without a this impossible?


Hi there, Michelle here...

Well, not impossible, but unlikely. I think you will end up with a very significant settlement if you hire an attorney. I think if you go it alone you will end up with very little.

Why? Well, I believe an attorney will be able to force the insurance companies to play ball, and may even have a case of bad faith which will change the playing field quite significantly.

The insurance company can't just ignore you and you will go away, however they can ignore you and try to run out the statute of limitations, leaving you with nothing. In a case where an insurance company is playing such underhanded games, you need, must have an attorney.

And as I have written about many times before, there is nothing to be afraid of financially or for any other reason when you consider hiring an attorney. The attorney will not charge you up front, and will only take their payment out of the settlement.

In a huge accident like this, you will usually find your settlement to be significant and the attorney fee well worth paying.

I also think in your situation that the insurance company is playing hardball because you have such a potentially big settlement and they know you are new at this.

So. Get an attorney, and don't let them get away with manipulating you!

I know its not what you exactly wanted to hear, but if you don't have the aggravation, and our settlement is significant, that is going to be worth alot... Finally, an attorney will tell you straight out if they can help you, you have nothing to lose!

Here is the form, take a moment, its free and let an attorney help you: All about hiring a lawyer

Good luck... do write back I will be very interested to see what the outcome of this is for you. You can simply post in the comments section of this post.


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Sep 21, 2015
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by: top dissertation writing services

some insaurance companies are just trying to play games with us. They will not providing proper services. We should have proper knowledge about insaurance companies before having that service.insaurance companies are fraud and just trying to make us fool.

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