Is it too late?

I had a minor accident September 15th - I had minor pain and it went away shortly after. But now -12 days later - my necks been starting too ache and I've been tired more than usual with slight onsets of headaches.

Insurance called me a few days prior to the onset of these symptoms and on a recorded statement I told them that I am fine, I did mention the initial pain I had but told them that it went away.

Is it too late to add to the "damages" other than the car damages. Once again it was a minor accident. THANK YOU HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON.

Hi There, Michelle here...


Thanks for writing... I don’t have quite enough information, but I will do my very best to answer what I think you are asking.

Soooo, no it is not too late to get treatment nor to have that treatment covered by the car insurance, unless you have signed papers with the insurance company stating you release them of all responsibility for your future care.

If you have not signed anything, then you are fine. You can still seek treatment. Telling the insurance company that you were ok on your recorded statement does not mean you did not have an injury. It only meant you were not in pain at the time of the recording.

There was no way for you to know that you would have future pain, and no pain immediately at time of injury does not indicate that you will never have pain, only that you had no pain at that moment.

I think you would be well served by speaking to an attorney. Although it was a minor accident, this does not mean you should avoid an attorney. It just means you were not badly injured, which is good.

There are two resources on the site which will really help you sort this out, I strongly recommend you consider both.
On the page, about compensation click on your state.

On that page are both resources: How To Settle Your Own Claim, which will give you tons of information about how to deal with all sorts of issues with insurance companies.

And there is a small form also on your state page, pop your information in there and an attorney from your local area will contact you.

You are not obligated to anything or anyone on this form, it is simply an opportunity for you to get some assistance from someone in the legal profession who works specifically with motor vehicle accidents.

Most importantly, get treatment right away for your neck pain. Make sure you go to your medical doctor or your chiropractor so you can be evaluated for your injuries and so you can receive a referral for treatment.


Best Regards, M.

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