Is It Too Late?

by Lisa

I had a car accident on august 15th and although I did not go to the hospital I did have some neck stiffness the next day as well as a couple days after that...then I felt better.

Then all of a sudden on September 6th, I began having neck and left shoulder pain (I was hit on my side in the accident) and thought initially I had just slept on it wrong...well its been a month today since the pain started and now its worse than ever being I woke this morning and can hardly move my neck without extreme pain.

Is there any chance this could be from the accident? And if so what are the chances I can get the insurance company from the person who hit me to pay?

Hi there, Michelle here...

It’s NOT too late!
Well first of all, YES you were injured in the accident! No question at all...Having pain a couple weeks after a car accident is totally normal. It just feels really strange, in the past if you fell down, you had pain right then!

When pain shows up later it certainly feels strange. But it’s very common after a car accident.

The answer to your insurance question is slightly more complicated... the first choice is not the insurance of the person who hit you. The first choice is to call your own insurance company and determine if you have PIP.

PIP is insurance coverage you pay for which then pays for your medical care after a car accident injury.

For more on how PIP works this link will take you to the right page: How PIP works

If you have PIP that is how you will get your medical care covered. If you do not have PIP, then yes you will need the driver of the car that hit you to pay for your care.

So do the following: call your insurance company- discover your coverage. If you don’t have coverage call the company of the driver that hit you and tell them you are injured.

GET TREATMENT!! Immediately.

Start with visiting a chiropractor as soon as you can, today would not be too soon. The chiropractor will help you get right back on track and will help you get out of pain.

You will feel really different after even one adjustment. Obviously it takes a lot more than that to be well, but it’s where to start.

It’s also a good idea to talk to an attorney. Attorneys will not charge you for a consultation nor do you have to commit to anything at all. But having someone experienced in the law in your state can be very reassuring and an attorney can make sure your medical care is paid for.

I keep a form on my state pages, so you can easily contact an attorney specific to your state --again no obligations, no charges, just a simple way for you to reach out to an attorney and get help if you need...

The form is here - ( you didn’t list your state, and there is more than one Richmond, so the link is for VA).

If you are from a state other than Virginia, the second link will take you to the page so you can choose your state...


Find Your State Info

Best Regards, M.

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