It's been 3 years already,....

I was in a car accident may 15 of 2010. Car totaled, and I was in passenger seat. A car hit us from the front and we also got hit from a car in the back. I ended up with huge bruises from seatbelt and about 3 days after the accident I had horrible neck and back pain. I ended up going to a chiropractor. I think my spine at the top was negative 23 degrees? and my bones were also pressing against my brain stem. First it was 3 times a week for about a couple months and then I started going once week a year later, and before I stopped going I was doing once every 3 weeks. I felt great. I stopped going July of 2012. At my last xray my spine at the top was 13 degrees. And even when i still went, I felt little sore , but I am so sore now . Hurts to touch, and I ice when I can cuz it uncomfortable . I don't wanna move my arm or move at all. I cant find a comfortable position. It feels like I just got into the accident all over again. Will I really feel this way for the rest of my life?

Hi there, Michelle here...

I am sorry to hear you are in so much pain still. I can’t answer whether this will be life long pain. I can tell you to go back to your chiropractor and ask them about her/his treatment plan and prognosis for your body.

And it is possible your injury was so severe that you may need regular treatment to stay pain free.

I think of regular chiropractic treatment a bit like dental care. I brush and floss, but there are just some things only a dentist can do to keep my teeth healthy, so every 6 months I check in and get the tune up.

If you are in serious pain right now, and chiropractic care brings you out of pain, go in for an appointment immediately, today if you can.
You might also find its time for a second opinion.

You may find a chiropractor who treats using Atlas Orthogonal adjustments can take you to the next pain free level. I have found these specialists in chiropractic care are able to help some folks who have had years of pain, even seeing other chiropractors.

Sometimes you just need to see a chiropractor who approaches your injury a bit differently.

Your car accident was massive, your injuries severe. I am hoping you worked with an excellent attorney and had future medical compensation built into your settlement?

I have no ability from here to give you any kind of prognosis. I can only tell you that you should consistently do what you know works to get you out of pain.

Chiropractic care is non-invasive, safe, drug free and provides pain relief. There is no down side. Almost all health insurance will also cover this care.

Good luck, find an Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor. M.

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