Leg Pain After Car Wreck

I got into a car accident on Saturday, three days ago, and my knees are in so much pain. On Sunday, I wasn't in that much pain. On Monday, I was crying from how much pain my body was in. I couldn't carry my backpack or walk up the stairs. Then today, my chest and arms felt a little better but still in pain, and my legs hurt worse today than yesterday. There's this big bump under my knee caps on both my legs, I would say my knees are swollen but the bump is under my knee cap which is weird and it hurts. Someone said maybe it's internal bleeding. Someone else said that it's normal after a car accident. And when I walk, it sounds and feels like my knees are grinding on something, like it's a clicking noise but it feels like my knee caps are grinding against something, I don't know what. Is this normal? What do I do?

Hi there, Michelle here...

I am sorry to hear about your situation. You need help right away, right now, today, this minute. So, please call your doctor and tell them your knees are swollen and you need to be seen right away. If you do not have a doctor, then I want you to go to the ER today. Please.

The emergency room, or your doctor will need to evaluate your knee injuries. Yes, knee injuries happen frequently during car accidents. And when they happen they need to be evaluated. There is no way to know what is causing the swelling, and guessing is not going to help you.

So, today right now, please either get into a doctors office or get a friend and head for the ER. I don’t recommend folks go to the ER very often, but in this case, your pain is high, you have a symptom that is not typical (a bump under your knee cap) and you need to be evaluated.

When you get home from the doctor or the ER, they will of course have some ideas how to help you with pain control. But here are a few other things you can do in addition:

1. Do your best to leave your backpack at home, or lighten it as much as possible

2. Wear only shoes which give you good support, a pair of tennis shoes with good arch support would be the best. NO HIGH heels, or heels of any kind!

3. Ice frequently, best way to do it: put a small pillow under both knees so they are supported, and slightly bent, then put soft ice on knees, a bag of peas/corn or ice you have smashed with a frying pan will work well.

4. Rest as often as you can, your pain level is very high, you really need to rest every day

Getting things paid: you didn’t ask any insurance questions, but I want to make sure you get medical treatment, right away!

If you were hit by another driver, their insurance company will pay for all your medical bills. If you caused the accident, your medical bills will be covered by your own Personal Injury Protection, or if you don’t have this coverage, they will be paid by your health insurance.

Your injuries need attention and I think you are going to need care and treatment for awhile. So, I want you to also think about getting a lawyer to help you. This sounds like a big accident, and I think you will know a bit more after you have been to the ER, or to your doctor.

This page here is all about how to decide if you need a lawyer. Click here

Hopefully it will answer some questions for you. There is a simple form on the top right side of the page which will put you into contact with a local lawyer who can help you.

If you have further questions after you have been to the ER, or your doctor, you can write these in the comment section and I will get them and can respond for you.

Hope this helps. M.

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Jun 03, 2016
car accident and bruises in both legs NEW
by: Anonymous

hi, I was involved in a car accident on February 2016, what happens is that I was sitting behind taxi driver, and our car bumped with another car, it was u-turned in front of us. Our car was swerving a lot in a road and I bumped with my both legs, my right leg is still swollen now and my left leg has wounds because it was developed blisters after swollen, they broke and leaking, I'm still in pains now.

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