Massage Therapy and Your Injury

If this is your first experience with massage therapy, I will walk you through what to expect. First, when you arrive at the office your massage therapist will give you some paperwork to fill out. The paperwork will ask you about your current issue, where you have pain, and other questions about your health.

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Your massage therapist will greet you, and go over your paperwork . At this point the therapist will explain what they expect to accomplish during your massage therapy session, and what you should expect after the massage, how you will feel and when you should reschedule for your next appointment.

Your massage therapist will leave the room, while you undress to your level of comfort. Feel free to leave on your underwear, and if you are more comfortable, your bra. You will then lie down on the massage table, and cover yourself with a sheet and blanket. Your massage therapist will knock on the door before coming back in to begin your massage.

Your massage therapist will use oil or lotion and their hands to work out the pain and stiffness in your muscles. Your body will be covered at all times, expect for the area the massage therapist is working on.

Massage therapy may be a little uncomfortable after a car accident, it may feel a bit as if someone is pushing on a bruise. But it should not feel painful.
The therapist will work within your comfort level, to help work out your pain. When you are in a lot of pain after a car accident, even a little bit of pressure can feel very deep.

Most patients feel some improvement after the first massage. As you have future massage appointments, you will find the discomfort and pain from your injury will decrease, and your body will move more freely after each treatment.

Therapeutic Massage vs Relaxation Massage

The therapeutic massage therapist works on the areas of your body that are injured as well as the muscles which surround and support the injured muscles. The relaxation therapist does not work deeply, and even though you may arrive with an injury, the focus of the massage is simply light work designed to help you relax.

Relaxation massage will not be deep enough nor concentrated enough work to assist you in healing from a car accident injury. However, we highly recommend relaxation treatment after you have healed from your injury.

Michelle was just in a car accident. 3/28/2013

I will be writing about my experience in real time, read along, or check in now and again. I will be posting about my pain treatments, and you can send questions about your own accident at any time for me to include.

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