Michelle's Car Accident of 3/27/2013

What is more appropriate to write about than my very own car accident? The accident was not major, luckily for both my friend who was the driver and myself! However, as with most accidents, we are both a bit more injured than we expected.

My goal is to write sort of blog style, updating this page, and or pages as I seek treatment, telling folks how I feel, what treatment I did, what the results were, and all the details that I think will be useful. I will pop up a question form on the bottom of the page, so if you have a question about your own accident or another question you want me to answer you can send it over. Hopefully I will have something interesting to say!

The Accident

Here is how it started. Yesterday while my friend and I were driving along, we were in medium traffic on a two lane road, when as we started to slow down, almost to a stop, the EconoVan behind us did not stop. We heard tires skidding, and then we heard a loud smash/crunch sound, felt a strong jolt and both said, oh no we have been hit. We pulled over to a side street to get out of the main road of traffic and luckily the van followed us.

We were both OK. Now this was an interesting conversation for both of us, as what exactly does that mean? What I have decided OK means at the side of an accident, when your adrenaline is running, you are super stressed out, and everything is different - OK means almost literally, I am still alive. I made it through. I realize this sounds dramatic, but OK doesn't mean I am not hurt, nor does it mean I am not stressed, nor does it mean I don't need help. It means, in our conversation that we had afterward anyway, that we were intact.

So, we asked the other driver if he was injured or needed help, he also responded he was OK My friend and I then took some pictures of both vehicles, including the license plate. It seemed important at the time, I will see if the insurance company is interested in these pictures.

Next we exchanged insurance information and phone numbers. The person who hit us was very nice, but was driving a commercial vehicle with commercial insurance. He asked if he could just pay for anything out of his pocket. Guess what I said?? I said, thank you for the nice offer, we needed to have the car looked at we were not sure what we needed to do.

My goal was to not start negotiating with the driver who hit us on the side of the road, some amount to fix a car we had not had evaluated. Further, since I know injuries can take up to 10 days to 2 weeks to show up in the body, there was no way we could agree to have this person pay for our injuries, without even knowing what injuries there were. But, there really is no question on this subject. We will not be going through an individual for this claim.

The Injuries

By the time we were once again sitting in the car, both my friend and I had neck pain. We were 20 minutes from home. By the time we got home, I had a headache, my friend felt really spacey (very normal!) and her back had started to hurt.

I sat down on my couch, had some water and called a few friends. Within an hour my back was in spasm and it hurt my lower back to stand for any length of time. I was soooo annoyed! I checked in with my friend and she was in a similar state. Things hurt, she had taken a hot bath and was resting. I used my hot tub and felt a bit less tight in my back.

This morning, I noticed bruising on my hip bone where the seat belt was. And my right shoulder felt really tender. Still trying to figure this one out. I know I slammed against the seat belt, but am unsure why the pain would be in the shoulder. As I am writing this, I have been sitting, and now find my back is tightening up and starting to demand I do something about it.


Well our insurance claim has not quite started yet. My friend was too tired after the accident to call the company last night, and I supported her in waiting until today. We wrote down everything we could while we were parked directly after the accident: it was raining, what street we were on, how heavy traffic was, what direction and lane we were in etc. Insurance companies like a ton of information, and I felt it was important to get everything down while it was fresh. It took about 3 minutes to write this out. So now when we talk to the insurance company, we already have everything we need.

My friend will call her insurance company and report the accident and open a PIP claim with her own company. This PIP claim will cover both our medical care. When we are done with treatment, her company will submit the bills to the other insurance company and they will pay her company back in full.

I won't start treatment likely until Friday or Monday as I already had a full schedule today. And like everyone else, a car accident is like a part time job and I need to fit the treatments in. I have to say this can be a hard thing for me, I am already so busy! I just have to laugh at that, we should never be too busy to take care of ourselves! I need a lecture from me!

Ok, more soon....oh yes, I am using Arnica on my neck and shoulder and back and that is helping a bit with the pain.

Michelle was just in a car accident. 3/28/2013

I will be writing about my experience in real time, read along, or check in now and again. I will be posting about my pain treatments, and you can send questions about your own accident at any time for me to include.

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