Mild, but Constant, Headaches After Mild Accident

by Erin
(Billerica, MA )

I was in a car accident two days ago in which the other car impacted the right back passenger side of my car hard enough to spin my car around a bit and put a good sized dent in my car. She was coming out of a parking lot/driveway when she hit me. When I got out of the car, other than being shaken, I felt fine. A few hours later my neck kind of hurt, but that seems to have gone away. Now I am getting mild, annoying headaches during the mornings. They aren't stabbing or painful, but I don't usually get headaches and they are enough to be distracting. I have never been in an accident before, so I don't know if the headaches are from the accident or from stress. Should I get checked out just in case?

Hi there, Michelle here...

Sorry to hear about your is a little soon to know what symptoms or injuries you are going to have. It usually takes until about the 10th day before the full extent of the injury surfaces. Having headaches is an indication that you are injured, and yes you need treatment right away.

For anyone else reading this, if you have been in a car accident, please always seek treatment, even if you are not sure if you are injured. Not all injuries are easy to self diagnosis, and it is important always to have a doctor take a look at you after an accident. Even if the accident seems minor.

Car accidents are big traumatic events, and it is our nature to minimize how significant they are. A friend of mine was in a roll over accident on the freeway a few years back. The police officer told her he was surprised to find a living person in the car. And I was the first person she called.

At the side of the road, with her car smashed to bits (she was traveling at 60 mph before she rolled), she was asking me to come pick her up because she thought she was fine and didn’t need to get into the ambulance. (Yep I talked her into the ambulance ride !!) She had a mild concussion, was in shock, and needed close to a year of chiropractic, massage and some physical therapy.

Of course your accident is not this serious.

However, even with really serious accidents, we tend to assume they are not that big a deal as we are walking and talking after they are over. So, please go see a doctor, with daily headaches you would do well to see a chiropractor. You will find quick relief for these headaches.

The chiropractor will take x-rays and give you an idea of what kind of injury you have and how long you should expect to need treatment.

The chiropractor should also make sure you are seeing a massage therapist as your muscles will also be injured.

Finally, as it is only a few day since the accident, please know that you might end up with other areas of pain within the next 2 weeks, and all these new areas if they show up, will be related to your car accident.

Seek treatment.
Hope this helps! M.

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Sep 12, 2015
Rear Ended a Car Earlier This Morning, and I've had Severe headaches Since NEW
by: Mackenzie

I was going about 10 mph and I tapped the back of the car in front of me, there was barely even a bump and I don't feel as though my head was thrown around. About 10 minutes after the incident ( there was no damage so we didn't exchange information or call an ambulance) I got a bad headache that hasn't gone away since. I've heard that after most accident people get minor headaches. Should I be worried?

Feb 14, 2013
Thank You
by: Erin

Thank you so much for commenting so quickly to my post. It certainly is easily to undermine the seriousness of possible injuries. I think we are used to feeling pain right away.

My dad was in an accident years ago and it took a month for him to feel any kind of pain. He ended up going to the chiropractor for years. He still has mild back pain from it and this was a good 20-ish years ago.

I have been told to check with my auto insurance about covering medical expenses. I have also been told that I would have to go to a hospital ER. Any advice about this?

Hi there, M. here...

You are very welcome! You have a few questions mixed in, so I will try to get those answered for you...

First: you do NOT have to go to the ER. Nope. Not true. You can always choose to do this, but the ER should always be saved for emergencies: life or death, broken things, things bleeding and severe pain or severe illness that require immediate right now treatment.

You can simply call a chiropractors office and schedule an appointment for same day or whenever is best for your schedule. The chiropractor will be able to evaluate and treat you right in office.

The chiropractor is also trained and if you have something more serious going on she will recommend you to a specialist.

Insurance: I could write a book... instead check out this link, it will answer all your questions. Here is the short version: if you have PIP, then yes your own company will pay for your medical care. THEN!!! after you finish treating, your company will be paid back IN FULL from the at-fault drivers insurance company.

IF you do not have PIP? Then please fill out the form on this page, and talk to a lawyer. It is free, and there is no commitment, but without PIP you may need to have someone making sure you are not stuck with any medical bills.
Massachusetts Ins. Info

And finally, because car accidents are very messy, you may still need a lawyer to make sure you are protected and to make sure your receive fair treatment. I always recommend after an accident at least having the free consultation as the lawyer will give you factual information and answer all your questions.

Hope this helps! M.

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