military service

by Luis O.
(Temple, Tx, USA)

I was a passenger in a US Army truck when we were rear ended and pushed into the vehicle in front of us.
That was 2001/04/30. I was taken to a German hospital and they took Xrays of my neck because they thought I had fractured my C6/C7. I was constantly telling the Army Dr's that I was having headaches and the upper right side of
my neck hurt and the lower left side of my neck hurt.

No one ever did anything for me until recently my civilian Dr set me up for an MRI. The VA has declined my claim due to my C6/C7 was negative for a fracture. However I do have soft
tissue damage. I also have headaches and my arms and hands go numb. I'm also having concentration problems.

I have been told that all my symptoms are connected with diabetes millites. I have been told by Tricare South is saying the medical codes associated with my injures are the ones associated with a MVA. Just want to know if I for sure have a leg to stand on and where do I go from here?

Hi there, Michelle here...

You are in a tough situation, for sure... I think the first thing to do is start with helping you deal with the pain.

You need to see a chiropractor, and you need to see one right now, as soon as you can. Your neck is injured, it is causing you pain and that pain needs attention right now.

The good news is you do not have a fracture, that is good and means your long term prognosis will be much better.

I can only assume that the MRI was evaluated for issues with your discs?

If you have not heard that, then you need to make sure that your neck has been checked for disc issues. Likely your chiropractor will be able to read the MRI with you and can make sure your discs are healthy.

If the discs have any issues, the chiropractor will also be able to help you with a treatment plan.

Ideally the type of chiropractor to look for would be a chiropractor who does Atlas adjustments. I found one on my first search on google for your local area.

The chiropractor will take X-rays when you first go in, and this will provide you alot of information and will help the doctor make an extended treatment plan for you.

It is hard to express how incredibly different your pain will be when you start getting some chiropractic help.

The feeling of numbness will shift, the headaches will shift very very quickly. I have seen hundreds of patients who started in a similar position as you are currently, who received treatment and who now have no pain.

And getting your neck treated will make a huge difference in your concentration issues.

Now lets talk about everything else. I do not know the rules surrounding accidents in the military. You were injured on duty therefore, it seems logical your injury should be covered by the military.

However, to find out how to proceed, likely you are going to need someone who is experienced with this type of issue.

I would be surprised if the VA did not have some type of help for soft tissue injuries, these are common in dozens of different kinds of accidents, so you need more information from someone who works with these type of issues.

I am sorry I don't know what the procedure is. But I do know for a fact your current symptoms are absolutely consistent with injuries that were not treated after a car accident. Yes you have diabetes, but your neck is hurting because you were in a car accident, not because of the diabetes.

I hope this helps! You deserve to be treated. Start immediately, and you will feel so much better.

Best Regards, M.

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