Minor accident, can a lawyer still help?

by Bob
(Levittown Pa)

My accident is considered minor due to the damage of my vehicle. I rec'd a check for that damage but have not cashed it. The reason being the estimate for the damage was done by the at fault drivers insurance company. Although the damage may be minor, my injuries are not. Severe headaches, disruption while trying to sleep and ringing in the ears are my biggest concern. My Dr says the ringing may be reduced by PT but is most likely permanent. I guess my question is; does the minor damage to my car devalue my injuries? What if I need PT for life to keep the ringing limited? Thankyou for your time.

Hi there Michelle here...

Thanks for writing in, sorry to hear you are having so many difficulties with your injuries. So before I give you my thoughts on your injuries, let me give you my advice on the check you have received and how to move forward.

You need to start by talking to a lawyer, right away. A lawyer is going to be able to advise you on what to do with that check from the at fault insurance company, what to do about your concerns about long term injury and need for treatment. And the lawyer will be able to handle the insurance company.

Yes insurance companies absolutely try to make minor damage to a car an issue. The insurance companies love to insist that minor damage means that you did not suffer an injury. This is not true, nor is it backed up by the current scientific literature. An attorney will know how to combat this ridiculous and inaccurate claim by the insurance company.

Further, a lawyer will be experienced with cases just like yours. They will be able to give you a more accurate idea of how to proceed and what to do if you are going to need long term treatment.

Click here, and fill out the form, won’t take long, and you will be in contact with a lawyer. There is no fee, and no obligation, instead you will have someone to talk to who can help you decide how to proceed.
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Now lets talk about your injuries.

In my experience, PT will not be the right treatment to deal with ringing in the ears. You need to seek treatment from a chiropractor, specifically a chiropractor who uses the Atlas-Orthogonal adjustment technique.

Your severe headaches, and the ringing in the ear need a more direct treatment to the spinal bones. I have seen very significant changes in my patients pain levels, headaches and yes I have also seen vast improvement from ringing in the ears.

I am not promising that chiropractic treatment will solve your ringing in the ears, that would be a silly promise. But I can tell you from my own experience that this type of treatment is one of the most effective treatments you can do. I would call a chiropractor today and start treatment. You do not need to see your medical doctor first, and your chiropractor can bill your car insurance directly.

I hope this helps. You are on the right track, you just need to have a lawyer who can protect you from the insurance company.
Good luck, M.

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