Minor Accident hit from the front

by keziah
(federal way)

A few days ago I Was heading to work waiting for the lights to turn green with another can infront of me. A car turning right hit the car in front of me and that car backed into me. no serious damage to my car just a few scratches and the front tab came out. feeling pain on my left side and went to the ER right away. been taking pain pills but my left side on the back still so sore. Have a follow-up with the doctor today. what should i do next?

Hi there, Michelle here...

Well sounds like you have taken the first steps I always recommend, see your doctor! I see you are in WA state, if you are in the Seattle area you can actually come to my clinic and we can treat you.

Use the contact form here, send me a quick email and I will set you up for an appointment Contact Michelle (due to issues with online spam I don’t post my contact email directly).

On the chance you can’t come to the clinic here is the treatment I think is the best: Chiropractic and Massage.

One of the best combos you can use together to treat neck and back pain. Both treatments address directly the injuries you have after a car accident. Whiplash and muscle sprain/strain.

In between appointments I always recommend ice where things hurt. Ice Ice Ice one of the best pain relievers we have, ice helps remove inflammation, and that helps reduce pain.

Use some frozen peas, or smash a Ziploc filled with ice with your largest cast iron pot, so the ice is small and can form around your injured areas.

On another note: you have a complicated accident, in that the car that hit you backed into you. This might cause you a little bit of complications with the insurance company.

You actually were involved in a 2 car accident, which means the insurance for the car in front of you, the one which actually caused your injury, will not want to be responsible for your bills, they will want the car that hit the car which hit you to be responsible...and to pay the bills.

In one of my accidents, the car that hit me was smashed into me by a car who couldn’t or didn’t stop, however, she was given a citation as she was following too close.

My attorney ended up having to negotiate with two companies to get my medical paid. So, I recommend you at the least have the free consultation with an attorney. Although your car was not badly damaged, you were injured.

This form will put you in contact with an attorney for free. I hope to see you at our Seattle clinic.

Best Regards, M.

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