minor car accident

I crashed my car about 10 days ago. The damage was mainly to the front passenger side of the car, where I hit, maybe uprooted, a small tree.

The part that the wheel attaches to is all bent. I felt ok after the accident but the next couple of days I got extremely tired quite suddenly about lunchtime and had to lie down and sleep. A couple of days after the accident I got a headache just from driving (concentration) but I can drive ok now.

It has been about 10 days now and I am still having trouble concentrating at work and am getting headaches behind and above my eyes, perhaps from trying to concentrate. Is it likely that the symptoms will gradually subside on their own or do I need to take extra precautions or seek medical treatment.

I am also feeling overwhelmed and depressed while at work as if it is all too much and I need a holiday.

Hi there, Michelle here...

You sound like you might have a mild concussion...but you also are describing symptoms of traditional whiplash. Time to see a doctor. Your own car insurance will cover the medical if you have Personal Injury Protection, if you don’t carry this kind of insurance then your own health insurance will cover your medical visits. If you have coverage see both your medical doctor and a chiropractor as soon as you can.

And if this is a situation that is so common here in our country where you have neither PIP nor health insurance, its still important that you seek some basic treatment.

If anyone reading this has no insurance coverage, then if I had to choose which medical provider to see I would send you to a chiropractor.

The adjustments to your neck by the chiropractor will do a lot to relieve headaches, and often having your neck be adjusted will lessen your feelings of overwhelm and decrease your fatigue.

A few visits with a chiropractor can be very affordable and will make a significant difference in how you are feeling, you will see an improvement the first day.

In the meantime, rest will be important for your body.

Take a sick day if that is possible, sleep in. Reduce your caffeine and reduce alcohol as both these substances are hard on your body after an injury. Use a towel around your neck like a scarf to reduce the strain on your neck.

Best Regards, M.

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