Miserably In Pain, Headaches

by Cindy
(North Brunswick, NJ)

I had a car accident early in August. I'm going into my third week of PT and my headaches just don't seem to let up. Sometimes one side feels worse than the other or sometimes it's straight up the back of my head to my forehead and it's hard to listen to any noises, sounds or voices.

I've just started taking parafin forte and vicadin for the pain. Unfortunately, I'm not sleeping well and still wake up with mild headaches which are just constant all day.
Is there any other treatment I should request?

I've already had a CT and there are no fractures or bleeds. What do you suggest? I'm just plain miserable and unfortunately for financial reasons I cannot afford to stay home. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Hi there, Michelle here...

Yes there are a few things I would recommend. First, I really think you need to see a chiropractor as soon as you can. For the pain you are experiencing, with the difficulty with light and noises, and the all day pain, I think you would do very very well with a chiropractor who uses an Atlas Orthogonal approach.

I looked on Google for your area, and found at least two chiropractors who use this technique. Since I do not know either one, I can’t actually give you a recommendation for which doctor to see.

However, I can tell you that an Atlas adjustment can be life changing for this type of pain, and you will feel relief very very quickly. I have also found with my patients that their pain can sometimes be worse if they seek out PT (physical therapy) too quickly post accident.

I strongly believe that PT has a role in helping accident victims get well. However, at the beginning of the injury cycle, the tissue is newly injured - it is swollen, tender, and often has micro tears in it from the force of the injury - exercise can create more swelling and cause more pain.

As your body begins healing, and with some work from a chiropractor, in a few months you may find PT helps you regain some strength, or flexibility. However, as I have not treated you myself I am unable to know if the PT is helping or not. I do know you will find that chiropractic care will change your pain cycle very quickly.

Most chiropractors can get you in for an appointment the same day you call.
Now you mention you have had a CT scan. You do NOT need to have a fracture or bleeding in your head to have severe headaches, neck pain, and severe sensitivities. Most people find they can come off pain medication very quickly as soon as they start having their neck adjusted by a chiropractor.

You wrote to me over the weekend, while you wait for a chiropractor’s office to open up next week, use the towel technique to help (about half way down the page). This technique may help you reduce the headache and feel slightly more rested. I would also recommend some ice across your shoulders and neck to reduce some of the swelling, which also contributes to the headaches.

I hope this helps. After you have found a chiropractor you like and your pain starts to shift, please let me know if you recommend them and I will put up her or his name on the site as a recommend by one of our visitors. I would love to have a list of doctors that people have had good experiences with!

Best Regards, M.

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