my doctor does not believe me

by Monica
(New Berlin)

I was rear ended with great force my car was totaled my doctor says go back to work as a nurses aide its hard breathing sitting,standing, and lying down . Also my feet and hands get tingly and numb.

Hi there, Michelle here...

I am very sorry to hear how much pain and discomfort you are having. Your injuries are injuries that are very common after such a big impact...not that helps with the pain!

Its time for you to see another doctor. I did a quick google search for chiropractors in your general area, and found, without trying very hard, that there were 7 on my very first search.

I did not select for anything in particular, just simply chiropractor. Go see one immediately. You do not need a referral in most states to see a chiropractor. You will find that your symptoms and the treatment that is offered to you will go a long way to helping you feel better.

And in most states a chiropractor will be able to write you an off work script so that your insurance company can make sure to compensate you for lost wages.

I hope this helps!

Sincerely, M.

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