my er trip last night

by tianna
(Eugene oregon)

So my boyfriend and I were hit by a Chevy cheyenne last night we seemed ok and decided we would go get checked out at the ER and they didn't do a cat-scan on me they just said I had a light concussion. However, I woke up and I am in a lot of pain in my neck, and pretty much every symptom on the whiplash list. Should I be seen again and get a cat-scan?

Hi there, Michelle here...

soo sorry to hear you were hit so hard! What I think you should do is call up your regular doctor and make an appointment. Tell them you were in the ER last night and you are in a lot of pain, and no you cannot wait for 3 weeks to get in.

A light concussion is not usually enough of a reason for an ER to do a cat-scan. The ER is looking for brain injury/brain trauma, they should have evaluated your symptoms and asked you alot of various questions which helped them decide which tests to order.

Seeing your own doctor will be an important follow-up as your doctor will spend time making sure the ER didn't miss anything.

It is unfortunately pretty common to feel ALOT worse the next day after a car accident than you did at the ER. You may need to also ask your doctor to write you a note to be off work.

Then when you speak to your insurance company you will want to make sure you let them know you are missing work, as they will help you get compensated for this loss as well.

Pull out the ice bags, put pillows under knees, put a towel around your neck to help you support your head, and R-E-S-T alot, if you are unsure, continue resting. Your body is very busy right now and with a mild concussion on top of many other symptoms you need to rest to allow yourself to begin the slow process of healing.

Good luck, hope this helps.... M.

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