neck injury

by Rebecca
(Athens Alabama )

Was in car accident on January 23rd hit from rear the impact was so severe it pushed the vehicle at least 30 yards my neck gets more sore every day and stiff its causing headaches...what should I do?

Hi there, Michelle here...

Thanks for writing, this was a very bad accident! Ok, so if you have not seen your doctor, that is the first thing you should do. It is not too late to see your doc, make an appointment for today and go in as soon as possible.

The reason you see your medical doctor is to make sure your injuries are evaluated. Your doctor will also talk with you about taking anti-inflammatories and how to find pain relief.

If you need to be out of work because of this injury you need your doctor to have treated you and written you an out of work referral. Any missed work will be paid for by the insurance company for the driver that hit you, so do keep track of this information.

Now, you have seen your medical doctor, it is time to treat with a chiropractor. The sooner you see a chiropractor the better. The chiropractor will take x-rays of your neck and will show you the injury and make a treatment plan with you.

Chiropractic care is one of the most important treatments you can do to take care of your pain and the headaches. The chiropractor will also refer you to massage therapy.

The chiropractor will work on the bones, which impact the nerves, the massage therapist will work on the muscles which were injured in this accident. Muscle injury is one of the reasons you have soo much pain. Whiplash is wicked.

At home: make sure you are resting all the time. Whenever you can you need to be resting, lay down.

Use ice. Ice. Ice. and then, more Ice. Ice brings inflammation down, and will help decrease the pain you are in. Ice often.

When you are up and about around the house, use a bath towel like a scarf to support your neck. The bath towel will support your head, taking pressure off your injured neck muscles, this will mean you have less pain.

And finally, please talk to an attorney. You are really injured, and I think you are going to need treatment for a while, and this was a very big accident. Whoever hit you hit you hard and likely they were driving very fast. A lawyer will make sure you get the medical treatment you need and will make sure you are compensated properly for this accident.

Here is a bit more information, if you need it on finding a lawyer. Just fill out the form, it takes a couple quick moments and a lawyer will contact you. There is no charge, and no commitment required.

How Can A Lawyer help?

Best Regards, M.

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