Need Resources to After Accident

by Gene S.
(Phoenix, AZ)

First, what are your credentials? Are you a doctor? Neurologist? Chiropractor? Lawyer?

I've experienced the exact symptoms as you described after a car accident on 8/21/2012 (I was waiting for a red light while the driver behind me was possibly texting and didn't stop - he hit me full force going 30-40 mph according to Maaco Auto Body Shop), and I'm needing evidence that the symptoms are factual because here in Arizona, the legal field don't take head concussions from a whiplash after a car accident could possibly exist. I informed an attorney/retired judge that my chiropractor confirmed that I received a head concussion from a whiplash, but the attorney claims that a chiropractor isn't licensed to make that claim. I'm currently seeing a neurologist (one visit thus far), however I'm waiting to do an MRI (December). Even so, if my MRI comes out negative (not all head concussions may show positive on an MRI scan), the attorney states then there wasn't a head concussion and I won't be able to claim that I had one, even though I do have one.

Whom can I contact, preferably a licensed doctor on head concussions, to confirm that I have a head concussion even though an MRI may show that I don't? The only true evidence that I have is I stuttered for over a week, with the rest of the symptoms, that my chiropractor, friends, and family can confirm that my behaviors after the accident hasn't been the same? Unfortunately after speaking with the attorney, that evidence isn't factual enough. What can I do? Do you have any head injury/concussion doctors resources that may be able to help me? I will highly appreciate it. Thank you.

In addition, and unfortunately, I live in Arizona and this state pushes to 1-3 months of medical care after an accident so the doctor bills won't get too high (other party's insurance accepting 100% responsibilities. Plus, to make sure that the doctors will get paid, here in Arizona, doctors can put a lean on one's case to assure that they will get paid first before the auto accident victim) - ignoring the fact that people, such as myself, are still in severe pain - that information also came from the attorney/retired judge. I actually over heard the attorney conversation while on the phone to another attorney to stop medical treatments with his client so the medical bills won't get too high. Yes, the attorney/retired judge gave medical advice without a medical license!

This is not only very frustrating, but I'm highly concerned about proper treatments for my back, neck, and head concussion knowingly that even the chiropractor is trying to rush my treatments! I explained to the chiropractor that I'm still in pain and he's already reducing my treatments to once per week because he said, "I'm trying to reduce the cost of the medical bills."

Even my primary care doctor told me not to go back to his office because he refuses to see anyone with personal injuries, even though my insurance will pay for it; moreover, without my doctor referring me to see a specialist, my insurance will not pay for one if it isn't referred by my doctor.

Please urgently help me with some resources to help my case; but mostly, please help me find another doctor, chiropractor, and/or therapist, etc. with head concussion, back, and neck injuries experiences and that will properly treat me and only have my health as my welfare. Again, thank you.



Hi there, Michelle here...

All the information about me is on the home page so I won’t waste space here with it.

Thank you for giving me so much information.

My answer is going to be really quick and straight forward. Hire an attorney, do not get off the cuff advice from a family friend.

You need representation from someone who is working for you, not someone interested in giving you quick free advice.

Hiring an attorney means you will have your own individual advocate who is experienced and who can and will evaluate your entire claim, and find out what is needed to help you get the treatment you need.

Attorneys will also be able to help you find the right doctor who accepts personal injury claims.

Go here, fill out the form, an attorney who take auto accident claims will contact you. There is no fee and no charge for filling out the form, Arizona

Attorneys specialize in these type of cases, and your attorney will be able to speak to the insurance company and help you manage your care so at the end of this case, you are well.

You do NOT need to prove you have a concussion. Who and why are you trying to “prove” this? You need to concentrate on getting well, and having someone speak on your behalf, that person is your hired attorney.

Your stress will decrease by being represented, and the attorney you hire will be paid when you close and settle your case, so no cost out of pocket for you.

No website can tell you if you have a concussion. Only a trained medical doctor who is doing an examination of you after the accident, and looking at your diagnostic tests can make this diagnosis.

A chiropractor is not licensed to diagnosis a head injury. A chiropractor can and does see enough of them to be able to refer their patients to neurologists for further diagnostics.

I am glad to hear you are seeing a neurologist. This doctor is a specialist in the brain, so let him help you find what is wrong.

Again, it is not your job to “prove” your injury, hire an attorney, and let her or him do this for you. You then can focus on the number one thing you need to do: get well. Rest. And receive treatment.

I know you want to have a different answer, and I am sorry to not be able to give you that. But I have been doing this a very long time, and I know when someone needs to have their own attorney, not a family friend. And that is you.

Good luck, M.

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Oct 28, 2015
Need Resources to After Accident NEW
by: Anonymous

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Nov 05, 2012
Michelle - Please re-read my previous comment....
by: Gene Smith

Hi Michelle;

The reason I asked for your licensed title is because I want to know your credentials - I couldn't find any information about you on this site except that you too had an auto accident. So please explain what your credentials are besides the obvious that you too had an auto accident - I may or may not be able to use your information as a court of record.

Further, I expressed to you regarding the difficulties that I'm having with ignorances of Arizona's attorneys and their medical field and if you could refer me to other resources. But yet you're expressing me to contact an attorney as if I haven't yet. Yes, I already filled-out the form you requested that I submit to seek further legal help.

In addition, you stated that I received information from a friend? No where in my comment that I expressed that I was going by any information from a "friend".

Again, please re-read my original comment so you may be able to better reply to my needs that I requested.

Thank you.Respectfully,Gene

Hi Gene, M here

Yes you are correct, I misread your statement about the attorney, you did not mention friend, thanks for clarifying.

I do not have any personal resources for you in Arizona. Therefore I can't refer you to anyone there. Has an attorney contacted you, or have you presented your case to an attorney, and asked them to take your case?

You can't use things on this website for the court. There is nothing on this site that you can take into court, the site is designed to help you know when to seek further treatment.

You are doing that with the neurologist which is a very good decision.

Good Luck, M.

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