New Accident, Now What?

by Lili

Yesterday I got into a serious car accident and everyone in the car including myself had extreme whiplash. Luckily were all OK and nothing really badly injured us. No this morning I woke up and everyone all had a really hard time trying to lift our heads because our necks are so messed up from the accident. What can I do?

Hi there, Michelle here...

Sorry to hear about your accident, I am not surprised everyone is struggling to lift you head this morning.... Everyone of you need to go to your medical doctors and get a check up. This is important for multiple reasons...

Also you should all call a chiropractor as well and start getting some adjustments right away. Chiropractic care is the best thing you can do for a car accident to reduce pain. You can get started immediately.

Your chiropractor will take x-rays and will give you a treatment plan.

In the meantime: ice your neck 15 minutes at a time. Rest alot. Use a towel around your neck like a scarf. The towel supports your head and will take some of the pressure and pain off your neck muscles and you will feel alot better.

Good luck, hope this is a starting place for you.
You can always write back by either submitting a new form or writing a comment, I will get either one.

Best Regards, M.

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