passenger in an at fault accident, is a settlement possible?

by Myranda
( KS)

My girlfriend and i were in a single vehicle accident on the I35 turnpike going northbound near Cassoday, KS. My girlfriend was driving and seemed to lose control of the car, suddenly, we were jerked to the left where we smashed into the median at which point my ankle was crushed in the crash before the car was sent back nd forth bouncing between the cement wall median and metal guardrail we were a pinball..and I am still trying to recover today. Ive even had to miss work because of it.. Can i receive some kind of settlement for pain , suffering, and missing work?

Hi there, Michelle here...

Well I am a bit stumped. This is one for an attorney. You were a passenger and the PIP coverage will cover your missed work, household expenses for things you have difficulty with, say you had to hire a cleaner, the PIP will pay for that.

But a settlement is something I am not sure about. If your girlfriend hit you on the street as you were walking by, yes for sure.

But, as I do not know the answer you should speak to a lawyer. This is a free conversation and well worth the time to do. Go to this link, fill out the form, it takes a quick moment to do, and you will be in touch with a lawyer...

Find a lawyer here

If you find out, I would love to know the answer, you can post in the comments section as a reply if you have the time... good luck!!


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Sep 13, 2015
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It was one horrible accident. M so sorry to hear that. The thing is you were not at fault, it was an accident. You got injured. You missed the work. I guess you should be given the PIP coverage. It was a fault, but still not yours and it is an accident and you are a victim of it. You can get it. Find a good lawyer. Amazing site.

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