Preexisting neck issues before the rear end collision. Had just finished series of three pain shots.

by Shelly
(North canton Ohio USA )

I was rear ended. I already had a preexisting condition for my neck, the accident just exasperated it to a level I could not stand. I had just finished a series of 3 pain shots. The last shot seemed to be helping. I was working, working in my yard, and doing daily activities with some pain before the accident. After the accident (drs say I had whiplash), I could not do any of these things.

I had severe headaches that would not go Away. Pain shooting down both arms and numbness and tingling. I went to my neurologist and he wanted me to take two weeks for things to calm down. He took Xrays. I started physical therapy for my neck and my lower back. After two weeks I went back to see my neurologist. He said I had options. I could go for more pain shots and see what happens. I was in so much discomfort and pain a this point I elected,for surgery.

I already had bad disks before the accident. I think the whiplash just made it unbearable along with everything else I already had. I had the surgery. I am not expecting the insurance company to pay my surgery expenses but I do believe the accident caused me to have this surgery before I would have needed it.

I was totally up front with all insurances involved that I already had bad neck problems, that this was just the icing on the cake per say. I cannot go to physical therapy for my lower back right now until I heal from my neck injury enough to be able to continue with the lumbar therapy. I am missing work and am having to hire someone to do everything.

I am not used to this. Now I have been sent a medical release form from the other insurance company. Do I sign it. I do not believe they need to see my whole life's history. I have nothing to hide that I already haven't told them. How do I go about just giving them the medical information they need pertaining to this accident.

How do they figure out which portion of my injuries to pay. I don't expect them to pay for my surgery, but if I hadn't had the accident I would not be in this predicament right now. What happens from here? Can you help me?

Hi there, Michelle here...

You have a VERY serious case. PLEASE do not sign one single thing until you have spoken to and hired an attorney. Your case is complicated, and whenever a car accident results in a surgery you must have an attorney.

Yes you have already been very upfront with the insurance company, but if you sign the papers for medical release you are going to start down a really complicated road in which both your health care company AND the car insurance company will begin to fight, and this fight will involve you in the middle and potentially having a lot of complications, and possibly more expense.

Further, an attorney will include your costs such as being out of work, having to have help around the house etc as part of a negotiated settlement. Further, you may need treatment for the future which will be taken into account by your attorney.

So please, stop talking to any of the car insurance companies briefly while you speak with an attorney.

Please follow this link for your state take a few quick moments to fill out the form and let someone with a lot of legal experience help you.

The form is free and there is no obligation, but it is a great resource to getting you experienced help.

I am listening and I read carefully you had a preexisting condition, however this makes your case even more complicated. Please don’t proceed alone.

Best Regards, M.

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